WOW! A whole page just about me....

Ardent Designs

Ardent Designs is a website and logo design consulting firm located on Vancouver Island in Courtenay B.C. Our company focuses on online graphic, web design & logo design offering many services including SEO, maintenance, website design, responsive design, identity branding, logo design.

About Me

I have 20 years or more experience being a small business owner or running a small business. 

Growing up with a family of business owners has given me a vast amount of small business knowledge ranging from beekeeping to small motors to a $million gift shop and a bikini shop. I know an awful lot about small business. Especially how hard it is to start up. 

A few years ago I decided to go ahead and get a degree in business. Consequently I now have some extra marketing and business skills and the all important social media skills that help drive customers to your store.


About Design

How did I get into design, you ask?

Design was always a hobby and it seemed like a great idea to turn it into a career that I love. As a result, that's how Ardent Designs was created. I enjoy Teaching logo design too! You can catch me on YouTube teaching the web for free.

I do love what I do! And, you will see this reflected in whatever I create for you.