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Search Engine Optimization refers to the written and media content on your website.When considering SEO we make sure that your descriptions, headings and the structure of your website is adjusted to promote your keywords successfully. Keywords are the words and phrases that you are trying to rank highly for in search engines. In other words, what your business is about and how your customer will find you. We provide the following services for proper Images, proper keyword use, proper meta-description, proper title tags, proper keyword density, proper outbound links, proper ALT tags.


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Proper Images: we make sure images are the correct size because incorrectly sized images can result in slow to load websites, and reduce ranking.

Proper Keyword Use: Keyword usage helps the search engine understand what the webpage is about and as a result helps Search Engines discover your content.

Proper Meta Description: This is the snippet that appears on the web. It should contain keywords.

Proper Title Tags: This is text to identify images.

Proper Keyword Density: This is the number of times a keyword will appears in the first paragraph.

Proper Outbound Links: I will ensure that there are no broken links on any pages.

Proper ALT Tags: This is a description of image, when the image is not available. Useful to the blind or visually impaired as well as search engines.

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SEO Search Engine Optimization Techniques   

Ardent Designs Website Design service uses many different SEO techniques to ensure you get a higher ranking on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. A higher search engine ranking means more web traffic which can lead to greater revenue. Our affordable service can assist you in achieving high rankings.