WP WordPress Manual Guide $25




Who this Book is for?

This ebook is designed with the WordPress beginner in mind. Having said that, WP WordPress Guide is also comprehensive. It may therefore contain details that most intermediate users didn't know existed. Even if you have no experience building a WordPress website, this guide will help you understand and navigate the back end and the front end of WordPress.

What is in the Book?

Within these pages is a simple guide to help you understand how to use your WordPress website and how to keep it updated. This is not an in depth guide on how to become an expert on WordPress. My goal is to help you become self-sufficient in maintaining, updating and blogging. If you require more comprehensive understanding of WordPress, there are many articles written for the WordPress Codex that cover just about every topic. You will require some knowledge to understand it, which is why this beginner book is very handy. This guide will be super helpful to those who want to learn the Content Management side of WordPress and updating their website when required.

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