Reasons website redesign improves digital marketing

There are many reasons website redesign improves digital marketing. Updating to modern technology, ensuring responsive design, enhanced SEO, expanding social media reach and blogging are just the beginning.  Let's examine some of the reasons website redesign improves digital marketing.


  1. Modern website design attracts visitors and converts them to customers

A modern website redesign will attract visitors, improve the user experience, and ultimately lead to visitors converting into clients. Technology changes so fast. is great because there are so many plugins and features to enable functionality on your website. To get customers taking specific actions you can get people to subscribe, give their email in exchange for free stuff, get visitors to navigate to a specific area.

"Responsive design is crucial to attracting digital clients and retaining them long enough to make the sale."

  1. Responsive design attracts more visitors

Additionally, responsive design is crucial to attracting digital clients and retaining them long enough to make the sale. If your website does not look good on mobile you are consequently losing sales. Visitors may abandon your website consequently in favour of your competition. More people are using mobile phones to make purchasing decisions about your company. Google has noticed this trend and is favouring websites with responsive designs in order to enhance the user experience and also serve the best answer to queries made. A website redesign improves digital marketing by improving the user experience and improving your SEO score.

  1.  Search Engine Optimization

Another  reasons website redesign improves digital marketing is SEO. SEO helps users to find websites. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a great tool to rank higher in searches. In addition, SEO allows us to rank for keywords. Keywords are the words around your business that your customers will try to search for. In other words, what your business is about and how your customers find you.

  1. Social Media Marketing expands your reach

Furthermore social media marketing can reach your ideal clients. It doesn’t reach clients that are actively searching for your business like Adwords does.  But rather makes it easier for clients to find you. Campaigns are challenging to determine what works and what does not. Generally using less text and more visuals will make a post look less like an ad and therefore gain more interest and potentially more clicked on. If you do not have time to figure this all out, and can afford a social media management company then it may be worth your while.

  1. Blogging, Social Media & Website

Your website is connected to other tools. It is important that your website redesign is visually pleasing as well as functional and user friendly. Blog posts can be used as part of a campaign on social media. Now suppose your blog post was a hit and it directed lots of traffic back to your website. Your visitors are not going to convert to clients if your website is old, outdated and has a poor user friendly experience. On the other hand if the design and functionality are present then the ability to convert visitors to customers is consequently more likely.

Ultimately your website is a valuable marketing tool. It is your online digital presence and it can do so much to help your business. A website redesign improves digital marketing strategy and should work hard for you.

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5 reasons website redesign improves digital marketing