WOW! A whole page just about me....

Ardent Designs

Ardent Designs is a website and logo design consulting firm located on Vancouver Island in Courtenay B.C. Our company focuses on online graphic, web design & logo design offering many services including SEO, maintenance, website design, responsive design, identity branding, logo design.

About Me

Hi I'm Laurie, the owner of Ardent Designs. Graphic & website design is my passion. I work with clients to increase their exposure and improve their sales through a variety of projects such as  logo design, posters, brochures, identity packages and more (graphic design) as well as website design and of course search engine optimization (SEO).

A few years ago I decided to go ahead and get a degree in business. Consequently I now have some extra marketing and business skills and the all important social media skills that help drive customers to your store. Find me on Instagram. Let's connect.


About Design

How did I get into design, you ask?

Design was always a hobby and it seemed like a great idea to turn it into a career that I love. As a result, that's how Ardent Designs was created. I enjoy Teaching logo design too! You can catch me on YouTube teaching the web for free.

I do love what I do! And, you will see this reflected in whatever I create for you.