Auto Repair Shop Marketing Plan

First of all, there are several options when it comes to improving your auto repair shop marketing plan. Also there will never be a shortage of people needing auto repair service. However, what makes them choose your business over others? Help your shop stand out by using these top strategies.


Auto Repair Shop Marketing Plan



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Auto Repair Shop Marketing Strategies

Website Optimization

Your website needs to be modern and professional. Furthermore a website is often the first impression customers get from a company. Customers make fast decisions about a company based on viewing their website. Even if you have the best service in town, your website needs to reflect the professionalism of your auto repair shop. Consequently If your website is old, outdated or otherwise neglected it is time to have a professional website redesign.

Optimize your website for search engines (SEO). People use search engines like Google to locate local businesses. In addition,optimize your website for keywords that customers are searching for. If your website is not optimized you are consequently losing business. As a result competitors are showing up higher in search engines and taking your potential customers.

Ensure that your website is mobile responsive. Even more now than ever, customers are searching for auto repair shops using their mobile phone. Auto repair websites must be visually appealing and easy to navigate on mobile. If elements are wrongly configured on the website then customers will as a result become frustrated and leave.

A professional website is a must have for auto repair shop marketing. Your services are great. Don’t lose customers based on poor website design. Make sure your auto repair marketing plan starts with website optimization. Above all, trust is key. Visitors make snap decisions about your company based on what they see. Make it great.

Customer Reviews

Another auto repair shop marketing strategy involves reviews. Customer reviews have a lot of power. Also people searching for an auto repair shop will often consider reviews before making purchase decisions. Customer reviews also add credibility and trust to your business. Ask customers to leave a review on Google, Facebook or wherever your social media channels are. Always respond to the reviews. Finally, thank customers and respond to negative reviews in a positive manner so that future customers will know you care about them.


Blogging helps improve SEO ranking. SEO helps you stay at the top of the search engine. Customers looking for auto repair shops rarely go past the first page in search results. Blogging is very beneficial. Write blog posts about your auto expertise. Write about your knowledge and give it away freely. Furthermore provide advice related to your services that give customers a reason to do business with you. As a result customers begin to trust your friendly expert advice. Trust is most certainly key to customer conversions.

E-Mail List Building

Ask customers if they would like to opt in for future deals, promotions and reminders. In addition, send a reminder for oil changes, seasonal discounts and more to garner future repeat business. Remember too that it is easier to keep a current customer rather than to gain a new one. Emails may be ignored, but customers will remember your name when they need an auto repair shop service.


Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is a powerful marketing tool. Facebook owns Instagram and advertising on Facebook can also reach both audiences. Target your market with specific gender, location, interests and income. This process will therefore ensure that your ad is shown to relevant people.

Make sure your ad speaks to specific pain points. For example, “Auto Repair: We do it all at XYZ Auto Repair Shop” doesn’t speak to anyone. In contrast address a specific need with “Need a winter tune-up? Click here for a 10% discount at XYZ auto repair shop”. Get people in the door with basic services and gain lifetime customers. Customers will consequently trust you with more expensive repairs.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is not dead. Send offers through the mail with valuable coupons for basic services that everyone needs. People tend to save these mailers in the kitchen drawer or on the refrigerator. A well designed mailer coupon contains your company branding. The more they are viewed the more the company stays in the mind of the consumer as first choice.

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Auto Repair Shop Marketing Plan
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