Branding power & marketing importance. What is it?

First of all let’s understand branding power & marketing importance. Then we will know why they work together to accomplish company goals.

Branding power & marketing importance

What is branding anyways?

Ever wonder why some companies seem to have a following? They only drink a certain coffee, or buy a specific product over and over again? Branding is all about how a company connects with a target audience. That’s right! The customer is absolutely central to everything. It is essentially standing out in a busy world and also winning customers. Branding usually begins with a logo, and extends to website design, social media, ads, values, company message and so on. It forms people’s opinions of what your business is actually about. It is an integral component of a business. Consequently, that is why designers design for the target audience, not the company.

Branding is Important. Here’s why.

Competitors. Branding differentiates a company from competition. Likely, you have competition. Branding certainly makes a company distinctive and unique. Company branding speaks to a specific audience and also lays out why they should do business with you.

Confirm credibility. People want to do business with credible business.

Emotionally connect to target audience. Buyers want to feel like your brand is integral to their personal selves.

Create customer loyalty. Branding connects emotionally with an audience. Brand loyalty results in repeat customer buying also known as customer lifetime value (CLV). For example, a runner buys Nike shoes. This runner may also run for 8 years and require 4 sets of shoes per year. Shoes cost $150. 8 x 4 x 150 = CLV.

Clear message. Company values, mission statements are part of the brand. Be inspirational, and also motivational by showing the core essence of the company.

Establish customer trust. People most certainly want to do business with trusted companies. No branding at all or poor branding also conveys meaning!

Branding power & marketing importance why you need both

Branding is key and central to marketing and advertising. Certainly know your audience when making social media advertisements. Additionally targeting a specific audience becomes easier. Gain more customers and consequently more CLV. As a result connecting people with your brand. There are many reasons branding power and marketing importance go hand in hand. It is all about the customer.

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Branding power & marketing importance | you need both
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