Build your own Website Mistakes 

Should you as a business owner build your own website? There are many ads out there for do it yourself websites. What looks cheap and easy at first can quickly become time consuming and expensive in the long run. Let’s look at some of the biggest mistakes to avoid when building a website.

Build your own Website

Template Design

Content Management System is simply the best. Even if you start with and don’t know where to go you can always find a designer to help you build your own website. However If you are using Wix, or some other website builder you will find that the content (images, video, etc.) shown with the template does not come with it. What builder websites don’t tell you is that a builder site is limited in what it provides you. Furthermore you will also find that functionality is limited. The website will not look good on mobile. Some builder websites will offer extra functionality for more money. These costs can quickly add up. Many business owners think they can save money by using a cheap builder website to build their own website but for many people it can become a disaster.

Call to Action

A website is an addition to your marketing strategy. It is an absolute necessity to have a call to action. This drives customers to take an action. Maybe it is to contact for a quote, or buy an item or sign up for something. A call to action should match the goals of the business and be clear and easy to find for the customer.

Search Engine Optimization

First of all, Search engine optimization is so important in helping customers find you. While is capable of this technology, most builder websites are not well suited for SEO. While your customers may find you by searching your website directly, what is they are searching for your product/service? Customers will often not search beyond the first page on Google. Consequently Websites without SEO capability are lost opportunities.

Regular Content Creation

Sometimes website owners build a website and forget about it. It is important to keep your website fresh and up to date. Remember that your website is part of your marketing arsenal. Customers like to see what is new and Google likes it too. Keep your website fresh and relevant.

Good Design is not easy

Matching a company’s brand to a website design is not easy. It takes time and experience to match colours, fonts, images, navigation, Call to action, and marketing to get potential client staying on your website and converting to customers. A poorly designed site will turn customers away. They may get the impression that your company is not professional.

In addition there is website security, updating and maintenance. If you are not familiar with these things you should probably consult with a professional before you build your own website. A trustworthy web designer lets you see the price up front. No surprises as opposed to prices racking up and out of control. Get in touch and see what a professional can do for you.

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Build your own Website Mistakes to Avoid
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