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It is inevitable in business at some point you’re going to have to network in order to gain customers. Before we dive in to business networking advice, let’s understand a little bit about charisma. Charismatic people almost seem to have an inherent gift for winning people over with a natural charm. Nowadays we know we can learn charismatic skills with practice. Let’s examine some actionable tips you can start learning today.

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Business networking advice: Command the room

First of all, dress appropriately for the situation. Also proper dress in itself can boost your own confidence. Furthermore when coming into a room, envision you are a part of the room. Finally, resist any temptation to sit on a couch or hide near the walls in the shadows. Be brave and go to the center of the room where the action is. Pay attention what is happening in the room, but focus your attention on the center.

 Improve your business skill set: Become great at listening

There is an old networking advice expression that says ‘you have two ears and one mouth for a reason.” Listening is certainly a very important skill. We hear people all the time but do we actually take it in and comprehend what they are saying? Strive to pay attention to what is happening in your immediate space. Ultimately as a result it will give more feedback about the current topic.

Charismatic people are sincerely interested in people

Begin understanding the other person or people in the group. What makes them passionate about something, gets them excited or motivated? Tune in to this energy and be empathetic to this. People appreciate being understood and valued.

Business Networking Advice: Smiling

People like to be around happy upbeat people. This doesn’t mean wear a permanent grin that looks fake. Rather it means that if you are engaged in the situation it should naturally reflect in your facial expression.

Business Networking Advice: Eye contact

Most of us are pretty good at eye contact, although it is certainly much easier to do when the other person does the speaking. Rehearse a well thought out story or joke and practice maintaining eye contact with a person or people in the group.

Business Networking Advice: Remember names

It is always flattering when someone remembers your name. Everyone loves to hear their name. Saying a person’s name has the effect of communicating that you are interested in them and what they are saying. As a result people tune into you.

Charismatic people add conversational value

Converse about the persons interests and inquire about them. If you have something in common then it is certainly easier. Show genuine interest. Consequently people will relate to you easily.

Make them feel important 

When people are made to feel important they drop their guard and become more open and natural with you. Like a friend in the making. This is important in business or relationships that involve long term connections. Use this networking advice and as a result more doors will open to you.

Make people calm and relaxed

Pulling it all together, smile, be interested in the person and what they have to say, make sure your voice is friendly. Be engaged in what they are saying and leave them feeling special. They will remember you when they have need of your service or presence.

Improve your business skill set: Tell a story

Everyone loves a good story. Some people just have a knack for telling a great story. But this storytelling can also be learned too. Think of something funny that happened to you, a coworker or event. Use a hook or opener to gain attention. Tell the story with some bait or consequence following a resolution in which one can reflect on. Storytelling is an art form that one can practice and master over time.

Business Networking Advice: Be passionate about your own purposes

Speak passionately about your own purposes. What drives you to do what you do? Rather than gush about the passion of doing things (branding, creating, design), really speak to the impact your efforts have and the end result this gets. (Professionalism, new customers, exposure). As a result this will have the effect of explaining your passion and what drives you.

Use this networking advice to improve your business skill set. With practice it will feel more natural and even fun. Challenge yourself to go outside your comfort zone, make friendships and long term business relationships.



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Business networking advice | Improve your business skills
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