Choosing the Perfect Logo Designer

It is not easy to choose the perfect logo designer. But now that your business is starting to bloom it’s important to identify your brand with a logo. You’ve probably decided that it’s best to have a professional design one for you. There are many graphic designers to choose from. Consequently this can be a blessing and a challenge at the same time. Let’s examine the process of breaking down your choice.


how to choose the perfect logo designer


Understand your company goals

Understanding what you are trying to achieve is helpful. Also determine the budget you are comfortable with. Expect to pay a high price for a complicated sport logo. A simple logo may be more affordable. It depends on the designer. You will often find a designer with prices out of your range, but also beware of the low price logo designer. Additionally deadlines can alter your ability to choose the perfect logo designer. Consequently if you need the logo in three days and the designer has a six week waiting list it is not a good match for you.

Put this all together and we have:

“I would like a sophisticated modern logo that exudes luxury for my marketing company. My budget is $400 and I need the logo in one week.”

Target Market

Identify your target market. A target market may be only female, only male, be in a certain age group, enjoy certain activities, and also may be area specific. Determine the emotions that the target market should feel towards your logo. Pampered? Luxurious? Community? Belonging?

Logo Design Portfolio

The logo design portfolio is probably the best place to determine skills and ability. Also you will be able to decide if the logo designer style meets your branding needs. Some logo designers focus on one particular style while others have a range of styles that they are comfortable with.

Consider the colour in the logo. The colour should match or be cohesive. Additionally did you know that colour has meaning? Colour psychology plays an important role in branding. Furthermore consider the typography. The font choices make an impact on the overall presentation of a logo. If there is more than one font, they should complement each other. (Maxwell font shown)

Maxwell font

The logo designer should be able to incorporate what the company does in the logo. In other words, by looking at the logo you should be able to determine what the company is about. This is a part of bringing the company’s vision to life. Whether it be product, service, values or emotions.

Client Testimonials

Sometimes designers will post client testimonials. Client testimonials are a way to see the logo in use.

The Design Process

Logo designers follow a design process when taking on a new logo project. This process involves a creative brief, and also researching the industry. Sketching out prototypes, choosing a design and executing it. Finally, presenting the logo for feedback, revisions, finalizing the logo and preparing appropriate files.

The design process helps the logo designer discover many creative directions and determine the best possible choice.

Logo Design Price

Understand that the logo designer spends a lot of time and effort to bring your logo design project to life. Logo designers charge a vast price range from approximately $30 - $150 per hour. The logo design process can be anywhere from 5 hours to 50 plus hours. This will depend on the size of the organization and specific needs. Larger organizations don’t quaff at money, and they can be very particular requiring several prototypes, revisions, meetings, updates which may take place over weeks or months. Smaller organizations recognize the value of a logo and prefer their design completed in a timelier manner.

Logo Design Package

Some logo designers offer a logo design package. These are great because you know the price in exchange for work. Additionally it removes the uncertainty of the hourly wage and designer’s time spent. Finally the number of revisions is built in to the package.

Choose the Perfect Logo Designer

The best way to choose the perfect logo designer is to actually chat with them. Chatting by phone or in person will allow you to analyze their personality. Email chatting works too and of course is more convenient.

Explain your project and gauge the designer’s interest in your project. Compatibility with your designer will make the project fun and less stressful. Establishing a relationship with a logo designer will ensure that they understand your brand.

If you require long term branding assistance the designer will be able to deliver consistent results in the long term. Be sure to talk about what is included in the logo design package or price including revisions and delivery time.

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How to Choose the Perfect Logo Designer
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