Client Logo Design Presentation

Client logo design presentation can be the most important part of the logo design process. Of course as a result we want to wow the client and make certain they will love the concept we have created for them. How we present is therefore just as important to what we present. Below are some helpful ideas to consider when presenting your design to a client.

Present Logos in Practical use

First of all, find a mock-up online to showcase how a logo will look in practical use. Mock-up sites like Graphicburger have a variety of free mockups from business cards to posters and so much more. A client logo design presentation should use mockups to show your customer how their company logo will look on stationary, t-shirts or whatever is appropriate to the company.

Logo Variation

In addition, showcase the logo in variations of colour, black and white as well as white or grayscale. Where possible show different size options in order to demonstrate that the logo is scalable and will therfore look great from pen to poster.

Explain the Design

Finally, offer an explanation of your design choices to your customer. Clients want to hear about the design process. Tell them why you chose colours, fonts, and elements in your design. This has the effect of reducing the amount of ‘why’ questions a client will have. If the client wishes change, remember that most of all it is a project about their needs.

Presentation is Important

You will probably spend hours making a logo design for a client. The client doesn’t know this, rather what they know is what you present to them. The more professional and relevant the presentation, the better the chance the client will love the design. Spend some extra time to make a mockup to showcase your design to the client. Write an exceptional explanation of your design choices. Clients really enjoy seeing their logo in use. These extra efforts will consequently sell your design to your client.

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Client Logo Design Presentation | Impress clients
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