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A construction website is your online business face. A well designed construction website is able to convert visitors into clients. Alternatively a poorly designed website can compel visitors to leave and visit competitors instead. Consequently you must maximize your construction company website conversions to produce high quality leads. Let’s examine the following necessary attributes.



Construction Company Website Conversions
Mobile responsive design


Your website must look good on mobile devices. More people are searching for your business using a mobile device. Search engines are favoring websites with responsive design because they want to serve the best results to searcher’s queries. Responsive design attracts more customers. As a result it is important to not only look good on mobile but to keep them on the page long enough to make the sale. If some elements seem off the page, too small or overlapping these things can cause visitors to leave your website and search for your competitor.

Having the best service in town won’t save you from losing a customer from a poorly designed mobile website. Improve your construction company website conversions by optimizing for mobile devices. If your website does not look good on mobile, if it is old, outdated, lacking elements that engage and convert customers, then consider a professional website redesign.


Visually stunning website Images


Strong imagery conveys professionalism and competence to potential clients. If you don’t have great images of the work you have completed, then use professional stock images from Shutterstock. If you are on a budget you can also try some free stock sites such as Pixabay, Pexels, or Unsplash. Alternatively hire a professional photographer. Having a gallery of previous projects you have worked on can offer a sense of pride in the quality of work you do. Gaining trust is key to converting visitors into clients. Consequently it pays off to spend a bit of money. Remember that your company is a long term investment.


Search Engine optimization


SEO or rather search engine optimization is a digital marketing technique used to help search engines find a website. SEO makes it possible to rank for keywords or long tailed key phrases. People search construction related keyword terms such as ‘new building builder in xyz town’ or ‘cost of building’ and it is therefore important to capture these keywords to optimize web pages. A website that can only be found by Google searching the exact name of your company is a huge red flag problem. Think of what your customer will search to find you. It is unlikely to be the name of your company, but rather the service they require. Search engines serve the best results to search queries. Often people will not search beyond the first page on Google. Consequently if you are not using SEO strategy your construction company website conversions will be poor.


Provide lead generating content


Your construction website should work hard for you. Generating leads is the main purpose of a website. We want customers, right? No one is going to casually eyeball your website and call right away. Marketing strategies need to be in place to entice visitors to convert to clients. Potential customers will research their needs until they are ready to make a purchase decision. Using a blog will allow for extra content to be indexed in order to reach new customers. Blogging is also a useful digital marketing tool that allows you to share your expertise. Share your expertise, tips and advice freely. Firstly this will establish your professionalism, credibility and expertise. Secondly as a result visitors will begin to trust you.

In addition to blogging you can also provide free content such as a checklist or eBook. In exchange for the free item ask for an email address so you can send future updates and news.


Clear contact information


Contact information needs to be clearly visible on every page. Give visitors many ways to contact you. Visitors often come to a website looking for contact information. Displaying this information improves credibility, is good for search engines and also helps convert visitors to clients.


Call to Action


CTA’s or rather Call to Action is a marketing technique used to get a visitor to take an action on your website. Buy now, subscribe, download and get a free quote are some examples. Customers don’t always know what to do. Consequently if you do not have clear CTA’s on your website then you may be losing potential client conversion opportunities. Help customers navigate by prompting them to take specific actions on your website.


Professional website design


A modern fresh website provides credibility and professionalism to your construction company. Visitors will instantly make decisions about whether they want to do business with a company based on viewing the website. If your website is old, outdated, poorly designed, not mobile responsive, lacks CTA’s or has grammatical errors people will judge your company as unprofessional. As a result these elements are necessary to retain credibility. Consider a website redesign to implement a marketing strategy that will help your construction company website conversions.

If you need help optimizing a website for conversions, SEO strategy or a website redesign contact Ardent Designs.

Construction website conversions

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Construction Company Website Conversions
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