What is a content management system?

You’ve probably heard the term content management system, or rather CMS when it comes to web design building. is a CMS. It is essentially website building software.

why use wordpress content management system

What is and why is it the best?

First of all the platform began as a simple blogging tool, and quickly exploded into blog, magazine, Ecommerce, business and more. There are also many reasons website design is a favorite.

is free.

Furthermore is open source software. That means other developers can contribute. Above all it is also free! Download, and install this software completely free. So you only pay for web hosting.

Endlessly customizable

Even more important, It integrates with other tech called plugins. Plugins are freemium. There are many themes to choose from that are also freemium. You can have a great deal of custom functionality and pay for extra premium elements if you need them. is limitless in ability and cost effective.

Help Forums

Stuck on something and need help? certainly has the largest forum of help topics for just about anything. Solve issues that you are encountering quickly.

Social Proof

It powers an estimated 35% and is trusted by major companies such as BBC and Bloomberg.

As a result there are many reasons is the most popular platform. Simple to learn, or have a professional designer work with you.

Coding and skills

Website coding skills are certainly beneficial. At least some basic CSS and also HTML. Coding skills are not necessary however. Page builders can assist greatly in visually creating something stunning. Although they also have a high learning curve.

Why use Content Management System Recap

Great reasons to use CMS in your web design project

Great reasons to use CMS in your web design project include free to use, large community/resource forum, flexible and easy to implement data, coding skill level is low.

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