Creating Brand Style Guidelines for clients

Creating brand style guidelines for clients need not be extensive or complicated. The key take away is branding consistency. Clients will likely refer to the guidelines when using their new brand.

Creating Brand Style Guidelines for clients

Creating Brand Style Guidelines: Brand Consistency

The brand message, logo, marketing materials, website and any other touch point needs consistency. First of all, use the logo colours in website design and social profiles. Furthermore the brand fonts ideally are installed on the website and marketing material such as business cards.  When it comes to business cards, packaging design only use approved versions of the logo. Consequently creating a brand style guide is a great way to help achieve that goal.

Brand Style Guidelines: What is a brand style guide?

A brand style guide is a booklet or PDF document that defines the uses of the brand visuals. Even when creating something new for the brand consult the guidelines to ensure cohesiveness.

What to include:

Logo Design

There may be a few different versions of the logo design. For example you might have landscape and also portrait versions. Alternatively, tagline included and not included versions.


When creating brand style guidelines for clients it is also important to include the colour definitions. Include #hex, RGB, CMYK and Pantone if required. Find inspiration from Adobe color CC.


Fonts used in the logo also transfer to the web design, business card, letterhead, brochures and other additional  marketing material. Name them and provide a sample text paragraph. Additionally fonts purchased need links where the customer may also purchase them. Check out this amazing font bundle deal!


Include any imagery associated with the brand. Elements obtained from Shutterstock or another site, ensure you provide links where the customer may purchase them.

Brand Style Guidelines conclusion

Creating a brand style guidelines document will also allow clients to reference the document. Additionally clients will be able to refer to the style guide when needing design in the future. In conclusion branding consistency is key to maintaining a clear brand message.


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Creating Brand Style Guidelines for clients
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