5 Effective Logo Design Principles

Purpose of a Logo

A logo represents the purpose and identity of the company. Therefore when starting a business it is important to have some sort of visual representation of your company in order to connect with a customer base. Potential customers should understand the logo and company offering with no explanation. Ultimately a logo is simple and memorable. To ensure a great logo here are 5 Effective Logo Design Principles to follow.

  1. Simple
  2. Memorable
  3. Timeless
  4. Versatile
  5. Appropriate


5 Effective Logo Design Principles




Firstly the best logos are simple. Due to the simplicity it is easily recognized. Life can move pretty fast all around us. Driving a car we may notice a logo on signs, billboards, and other cars. Also simple logo design is easily recognizable at a glance. Furthermore simple design is memorable to potential customers. Too many details can have the opposite effect on your target market. As a result simple design is great design.




The second of 5 Effective Logo Design Principles is to make the logo memorable. The purpose of the logo is to connect a company to a desired target market. A memorable logo establishes the relationship. Furthermore a logo design is unique to the organization. However, purchasing a $30 logo from an online maker will not resonate with a potential client. Furthermore, people that retain the memory of a logo are more likely to call that company when finally in need of the service. Ultimately, the best logo designs are memorable.



Logo designs need to be timeless and avoid current trends that come and go


Effective logos are timeless. Logos that have stood the test of time include McDonalds, Nike, and Adidas. How will your logo look in the next decade or so? Logo designs need to be timeless and avoid current trends that come and go. Consequently the logo may become tacky and outdated. Therefore it is important to remain timeless.




An effective principle of logo design is to be versatile. Logos should look impressive at any size from large posters to business cards and also pens. In addition, a logo should easily be converted to black and white versions. Furthermore logos should always be designed in vector format to ensure scalability. As a result logos need to be versatile across all branding platforms in order to be successful.




Consider the positioning of the company relative to the market. Firstly understand the customer. Is it children, adult, male, female, family? Font choices and design aspects suitable for children’s clothing stores will vastly differ from a lawn care business.


Understand that designing a logo is not an easy task. There is a logo design process that needs to be followed in order to create the best logo for the company. After covering the 5 Effective Logo Design Principles you may want to examine your current logo or lack of a logo. Does your logo meet most of the 5 criteria? Getting a logo design should be a fun exciting process. After all your branding your company. Remember that your logo is a long term investment. Don't settle.

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5 Effective Logo Design Principles
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