Effective web design changes improve customer conversions 

A website is an effective marketing tool when used correctly. In order to improve customer conversion rates implement these effective web design changes today.

A useful well designed website is crucial to getting visitors to stay on your website long enough to convert into a customer. There are many factors that influence visitors digital purchase decisions including search engine optimization (SEO) and social media presence. However firstly it is the website design itself.

Effective web design changes improve conversions

Website trust & credibility converts visitors to customers

Visitors are online searching for solutions to their everyday problems. Choosing a company to work with is part of the research process. There are so many online companies to choose from. Consequently visitors may leave a website based on appearance. Trust and credibility are certainly key to converting visitors to customers. As a result a company website absolutely must look professional and modern.

User experience and responsive web design

User experience and responsive design are also crucial to successful web design. If your website scores low in these areas it is certainly not going to be successful. Customers are even more so using mobile for searches. Additionally user experience is what keeps the visitor on the site long enough to convert to customers.

Effective web design changes: Provide clear value

Establish clearly the value your company provides to another business wanting your service. Show them what you do and how this benefits them. Images enhance words and retain visitor attention longer. Each service should certainly be explained with customer value in mind.

Website navigation

Visitors landing on a website need to know what to do. It should be obvious and most certainly apparent. Don’t make information difficult for people to find. Contact information should be easily found. Links to key service pages should be functioning and clear to navigate to. Contact forms, sign up forms, and other relevant call to actions (CTA) should be present. Certainly at least one CTA should be above the fold.

Modern professional websites are built with simplicity and refining in mind. Ensure there is whitespace around elements that need to stand out. This allows visitors to pay attention to something specifically. Web design is an art. Not everyone is good at it, so if you need help it is good advice to seek out a professional web designer.

Website design needs images and graphic design elements

Captivating visitor attention is important. Using imagery along with text enhances the user experience. Unsplash is a good source of free images if you need them. Starting with the logo design, all graphic elements should be tailored to the web design. Images also enhance the visitor experience by breaking up monotonous text. Nobody is visiting your website for the purpose of watching videos, pop up ads or reading volumes. Clear the clutter out. Ensure all components are necessary and useful. Certainly simplicity is best.

Effective web design changes: Branding and colour consistency

A company logo must be designed before the website. A logo is the first step in branding your company. The colour of the logo will certainly influence the design of the website. Also the colour of the logo design with be used throughout the website on links, button and navigational features. Additionally any custom graphics will consider the logo when implementing any further branding features.

The reason for this is because it increases visitor attention, improves professionalism, and becomes instantly recognizable by people. Consequently without these features people may leave your website and check out your competitor.

Effective web design changes: Responsive web design

Responsive web design is certainly crucial to website success. Of all the searches being done on Google, the majority are coming from smaller devices like cell phones. Google of course has taken notice of this trend and is favoring responsive websites in search positions. A business cannot afford to ignore this important data.

Mobile ports need to be user friendly. If they are not friendly as a result you will lose customers. People don’t tolerate poor experience, poor load times. Why would they if they can go to another website offering a better usability?

Effective web design changes are necessary to gain conversions

Ultimately we want to improve customer conversions. Effective web design changes improve customer conversions rates. Use these ideas and implement them into your design.


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Effective web design changes improve conversions
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