Export PDF Inkscape tutorial

Export PDF Inkscape tutorial

Save a document as a PDF rather than the typical SVG file. Inkscape allows us to save documents in many file types. There are just a few things to know. View the PDF video tutorial

export pdf Inkscape tutorial

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export pdf Inkscape tutorial 2

Export PDF Inkscape tutorial: Saving the document

First of all go to file-save or file-save as.

export pdf Inkscape tutorial 3

This next pop up is what you see. Firstly find a place on your computer to save your document. 

Secondly name your file so you know how to find it. Furthermore toggle to drop down and choose PDF.

Finally, click save.

Learn Inkscape 1.0

While there are some tutorials in this course, It is not the main objective. The lessons allow learners to understand the tools and why they are used.

export pdf Inkscape tutorial 4

PDF saving options

Last of all we see this pop up box. Most noteworthy is the text output options. This depends on what you want to do with the document.

Will you drag and drop it into Inkscape again with the intention of editing it? Choose embed. This means the fonts stay fonts.

Choose convert to path if you are finished with the fonts and perhaps are sending it off to the printer. Ideally you would have finalized fonts before saving the document but this works too.

Resolution is important. For web graphics it is ok to set it to 96. For print you will need 300.

Finally, Click ok.

That’s it!

Well, until you want to use it again. Then simply drag and drop the PDF file into Inkscape.

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Export PDF Inkscape tutorial |Save as PDF
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