How to Find Logo Design Ideas

Below are some ideas and suggestions to find logo design ideas and help you in crafting a winning logo. Some of the best logos out there are created with the utmost simplicity and yet they do so much to convey meaning and are memorable.

Creative Strategy

Look at logo design competition websites.

There are so many talented artists out there, creating beautiful artwork. Browsing an artist’s art collection may also inspire you. These images will stir your inner design mojo, inspiring you to produce something even greater.

Examine competitor’s websites.

There is a vast difference between a fast food joint and a rather upscale seafood restaurant by the sea. Even Realtor logos target either high or low ends of the market. Examine how these companies vary. Sophisticated or family oriented? Where you want your design to fit in? Analyzing competitors allows you to determine what you can do better.

Find out more about the company.

How long have they been in business? Do they have a mission statement? If customers could take a way two words about the company, what would they be? How does the company view itself? Investigating these elements will consequently help isolate ideas and symbols that stand out. Fire is symbolic of passion which is related to creativity. Lion is a king, and therefore can be symbolized as a crown. What symbols relate to your company? Do a mind map of these words.

Sketch some samples.

Make sure you are relaxed and are enjoying what you are doing. Creative flow is greatly reduced when stressed out or under pressure. Draw several prototypes. Don’t worry if you are not a Picasso, or if some of your samples are awful. Allow yourself to draw bad sketches too. Sketching sometimes as a result takes you in a direction that you wouldn’t have otherwise taken.

Relax and take a break.

Creative process almost always suffers with stress and worry. Go for a walk, chat with a friend or sleep on it overnight. Sometimes as a result a brilliant epiphany occurs when you aren’t thinking about it at all.

Find Logo Design Ideas
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Strategy to Find Logo Design Ideas

A logo should be/have:

 Practical. It should work in size, colour and also look good on everything from large posters to small pens.

Memorable. A logo should be simple and also easy to recognize. Think of Nike and McDonalds.

Timeless. 20 years from now large companies will still have the same recognizable logo with only minor tweaks. Apple and IBM are good examples.

Colour relevant. Colour in logo design plays a vital role in brand personality. In addition colour represents emotion. Purple is associated with creativity (and is suitable for say, a logo designer 😉 while blue tends towards trust. Blue logos can be found in tech and finance. Black portrays sophistication or elegance.

Fabulous Typography. Finding the right font, size and combination can  be tricky. Don’t use more than two fonts in a logo design. Always avoid Comic Sans. Check out this list of 10 free fonts we’ve collected for you.

Remember that some of the best logo designs out there are not a picture of what the company does, but rather a symbol of their meaning. Apple for example is a symbol of knowledge. As always, let yourself be creative and enjoy the logo design process.


Find Logo Design Ideas | Creative Strategy
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