Funeral Home Marketing Strategy 


Funeral home marketing strategy can be challenging. A Funeral home provides a service that we all need, however seldom think about until the time arises. As a result this can be challenging to find new clients.

Some people may want pre-planning services while others become customers due to unexpected events. Funeral homes can connect with potential clients and increase their bottom line by using appropriate marketing strategies. Let’s examine some funeral home marketing strategy tips.


Funeral home marketing strategy

Funeral Home Marketing Strategy Tips

Professional Logo Design

Organizational branding is important and the first step is getting a professional logo design. A logo represents your company. It establishes trust and rapport and can reduce the time you spend convincing people to buy your service and products.

First impressions count. First of all a logo is often the first thing a person notices about the company and secondly they do compare with your funeral home competitors. Also a well designed logo exudes professionalism, confidence and expertise.

A logo can therefore send a clear message to customers that you are the best choice to address their funeral home needs. Additionally a professionally designed logo can also help you gain market share from competitors simply by being recognizable.

Your logo is unique to your organization. It tells people who you are, your service and how it is beneficial to them. A great logo appeals to a target audience and helps you stand out. Make sure your logo is professionally designed.


Website design that works hard for you



Above all your funeral home website should be working for you. A website needs to be modern and fresh. If your website is old or outdated it consequently is not engaging visitors or new clients. Additionally a website must be mobile responsive. If your website does not look good on smaller devices customers will certainly leave your website in frustration. Visitors are even more likely visit your competitors instead.

Make sure that contact information is visible on all pages. Give customers many options to contact you. Make sure to have clear call to action on your website because customers need to know what to do. In order to convert visitors to clients a professional website design is part of your funeral home marketing strategy.

Search Engine Optimization

Optimize your website pages for search engines. First of all, visitors need to find your website. Often businesses think they only need to build a website to get traffic. This certainly is not true.  If customers can only find your business by domain name, consequently you are losing out on potential customers. Websites need to be optimized for keywords that customers are actually searching for.

Additionally, optimize images, ALT tags, Meta descriptions, create an XML sitemap for Google bots to crawl, submit XML sitemap to search engines and have inbound and outbound links.

All of these strategies will certainly help your website be found online. Remember to optimize for people first, search engines second.

Social Media

Social media integration on your website is so important.  First of all make sure your website is connected to social channels. Secondly, post often on social media. Google will rank websites higher with superior social value. Be active!

Branding consistency across marketing channels

Your website should certainly have the same branding as your business card, flyers, digital ads and social media. Consistency as a result solidifies brand recognition. Use the same fonts and colours across all media. Use a convincing message that attracts your community.



Blogging has even more enormous power to reach the right target audience. People most certainly search online for helpful information about funeral services. They might search for something specific like ‘cremation’ or ‘cost’ or even funeral process. Blogging is a way to share relevant and useful information with your audience. Share information freely and people will think you are expert and caring. As a result potential customers will convert to clients.

Blogging is a huge advantage over competitors that are not blogging. Imagine you have useful articles detailing funeral home service processes and your competition only lists a bunch of services. Providing useful information is the tipping scale for choosing between you and your competition.

Stand out from the competition and make it easy for visitors to convert to clients.

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Funeral Home Marketing Strategy Tips
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