Good logo & bad logo comparison

Competing for customers can be quite a challenge. It is not hard to stand out with a professional logo and branded company. Alternatively it can be a challenge to be noticed with no logo or a bad logo. Here are some good logo & bad logo comparisons and how they can reward and challenge a business.

good logo & bad logo comparison

Good logo & bad logo comparisons can be used to understand what is effective, and what is working. Let's start with good logo design.


Good logo design

Good logos are simple & memorable.

Famous logos like Apple, Adidas, and even Facebook are so simple they are memorable. As a small business it is important to remain easily recognizable by people in your town. Additionally it is also noteworthy to mention that people will more likely recall your business when they become in need of the service. Therefore as a result they will know who to contact.

Good logos symbolize the business

Now of course these large companies put a lot of resources into marketing and advertising in order to ensure people know the brand. Small businesses don’t always have the luxury of a large marketing budget. Therefore it is important to have the right symbol for your company.

As a small business it is important to make sure that the icon is relative to what your company does. People should not have to guess at what service you provide.

Represents the personality of the company

A good logo design represents the personality of the company. What is the company like, and how does it differ from the competition? Identify the attributes of the business that need to be reflected in the design.

Sometimes a good way to think about this is to put yourself in the customer’s view of the business. If the customer walked away with two thoughts about the business, what would they be? Fun? Community/belonging? Excitement?

By identifying these features we are consequently able to identify a target market for the purpose of attracting them to the company brand.

Good logos utilize colour psychology and appropriate font choices

Colour has psychological meaning that is conveyed through design. Ever noticed how the finance sector logos tend to be blue? This is because blue conveys trust. Similarly all colours have a meaning and are used purposely in design.

Font choices are also pretty significant in logo designing. There are so many different fonts to choose from. A professional designer will know which types of fonts to choose.



Good logo & bad logo comparisons can be used to understand what is not working. Let's looks at bad logo  design concepts.

Bad logo design

Bad logo design can be as a result of many things. Sometimes self-designers can over design. Logos that don’t resonate with the desired target market are not effective logos. Likewise, logos that don’t interpret the business personality will fail to attract customers.

Complicated design

Bad logo design is overcrowded and has too many concepts squished into one small design space. There is so much going on that it confuses people. Imagine a complicated logo on a car passing by. It goes by so fast that it likely won’t be interpreted or memorable. Consequently complicated design is not effective design.

No personality or connection to the business

Poor icons are chosen to represent the company. Unfortunately this is sometimes generic clip-art. Spending $0 on your company branding might seem like a good Idea initially, however this will hurt your business reputation in the long term. Customers will not give their trust to you, and as a result the company will lose sales.

Additionally, if the logo is just text ask yourself if it suit the personality of the business. It may not be enough to reach the target audience for your company. Put yourself in the customers view. What two words would they use to describe your business?

Incorrect font and colour choices

Poorly chosen colours and fonts can impact how a logo is viewed by people. There are some fonts more suitable for the finance sector versus say a children’s daycare. Additionally you should never have more than two types of fonts in a logo design. Poorly chosen colours will result in confusing people. For example, it is unlikely to see purple in the lawn care industry. It just doesn’t fit the psychology.


Ultimately the design needs to have a cohesive well put together feel in order to catch interest and attention. If your logo is lacking these elements it may be time to consider a re-design.

Logo design is not easy. There is a 7-step logo design process to consider when initiating a design. Designers carefully consider many things before finally coming to the conclusion of the best possible design outcome for the business.

Professional logo design is crucial to building a trustworthy brand. Customers that do not trust a company will opt for a competitor. In contrast, a good design will attract customers confident in doing business with you. A logo is used to communicate your company to a target market with visual identification.

Professional logo design sways visitor decision making and can convert them to customers, or not. It is the first visual that people see when coming into contact with your company. People tend to make snap decisions in about three seconds on whether they will do business with you. Make sure your logo is good.


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Good logo & bad logo comparisons
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