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Flex Gym Is an up and coming Gym in British Columbia. After finding me on Instagram, Flex Gym decided they wanted my help with a gym logo design & branding.


Flex Gym is an old school weightlifting gym, new to the area with the traditions of a 70’s and 80’s gym. They offer personal training, group training, contest prep and online training. The desired logo should first of all be simple, clean, black and white, and finally look great on merchandise such as shaker cups, stickers and hoodies. The client really admired Gold’s Gym logo design and the amazing community, culture and vibe of the era. We decided on a retro badge look.



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Building the Logo

Armed with lots of information, I set out to build a retro badge logo design. The client really loved the initial design, but also wanted to incorporate the slogan into the design. The client originally had made a version of a logo that had a font similar to the font I chose. I really liked the 'X' and it reminded me of a strong masculine font I had. I decided to use the Schluber font. It paired quite well with the 'old school' culture, community and vibe. Not to mention it will look great on a t-shirt, shaker cup or hoodie. Gym Logo Design The client wanted a “Raise the Bar” tagline. Initially I had 5 stars over the top portion of the logo. Because we wanted to incorporate the slogan into the logo we also tried to put some kettle bells in the place of the stars, but lost the retro cultural effect when replacing them. Gym Logo Design


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Consequently we put the stars back and I also had a brainstorm of an idea. Since the ‘X’ looked like a body I decided to make it longer and give it a 'weight' to lift.


Gym Logo Design


The client loved it! As a result there was no further need for revisions. Contact Ardent Designs to see what we can do for you.  

Update: Client was unable to secure the name. We adjusted the logo to suit the new name.

Gym Logo Design for an Upcoming Gym
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