Hot air balloon logo Illustrator tutorial

Hot air balloon logo Illustrator tutorial

Today I'm going to show you how to create a hot air balloon logo in Illustrator. Furthermore, give it a nice border and it makes a great sticker. View Inkscape balloon tutorial instead.

Hot air balloon logo: Shape

First of all, let's begin by clicking on the Circles and Ellipses tool. Press Alt+Shift and drag to create a perfect circle. Also choose a colour. Grab the Direct Selection tool and then select the bottom anchor point of the circle. Furthermore let’s convert this to a corner. To do this, press the corners icon in the top left of the screen. Finally select the anchor point again and drag it down a bit more until it resembles the shape of a balloon.


Hot air balloon logo: Size

First of all let’s go to the transform button/panel (Window-> Transform) on the top bar and resize this balloon. Lock the height and width and choose 500px wide.

Secondly we will need copies of this shape with different widths, while retaining the same height. Press CTRL+C & CTRL+F to copy and paste in front. Choose another colour for this object. Return to the transform button/panel and unlock the lock icon. Select the width and make it 350px.

Finally, repeat 1-2 more times to get the desired partitions of the balloon. Press CTRL+C & CTRL+F to copy and paste in front. Next size is 200px. Make another copy at 75px.


Hot air balloon logo: Divide

Select all the objects of the balloon and go to the Pathfinder menu. Click Divide. We need to ungroup these objects. (CTRL+Shift+G) or Object->Ungroup.


Hot air balloon logo: Shapebuilder

We’ll certainly need to clip the bottom of the balloon to remove the pointiness and then add the basket. To do this, grab the rectangle tool on the right sidebar. Also center it with the middle of the graphic and ensure it covers just the tips of the balloon. Furthermore select all pieces and go to the Shapebuilder tool on the right tool bar. Finally press ALT and drag through the bottom portion to delete unwanted pieces.


Hot air balloon logo Illustrator tutorial 4

Build a simple basket

Simplicity is probably a good idea. Let’s make a simple basket. Use the rectangle tool and drag on the screen to make a rectangle. Make this one narrow to cover the bottom of the balloon. Also make another rectangle for the basket. Furthermore space the rectangles apart. Now  finally we will use the pen tool to draw rope lines connecting the basket to the balloon.

Final touches

Adding a border it really simple. Select all objects and duplicate them by pressing CTRL+C & then CTRL+F. With the duplicated copy, go to the pathfinder menu and select Unite. Turn this object white. Right click the object select Arrange, send to back. With the object selected, go to Object->Path->Offset path. Choose 10px and click preview/OK.

Keep in mind, you can’t see white outline on white background. Move it off screen to check it out. View other Inkscape design tutorials.

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Hot air balloon logo Illustrator tutorial
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