Improve Website Design digital success

To improve website design digital success, it’s necessary to be more than just beautifully designed. Website builders make do it yourself design rather easy these days. But what about functionality? If the website isn’t getting you customers, then it is not working for you.

 Improve Website Design Digital Success

 Improve Website Design digital success: Sell the benefit not the service

How does your product or service benefit the end user? For example, no one buys a drill bit because they want one. People want to make a hole. Learn what the problem is and solve for that. People tend to care more about their problems than the features of the product. If you are a web designer, you might sell SEO services. The customer problem: Can’t be found on the internet. Rather than sell SEO sell the solution: Getting found by the right customers that are looking for you.

Call to action to Improve Website Design digital success

Improve Website Design  digital success when adding a call to action (CTA). A CTA is an element on the website that directs users to take an action. Lead visitors easily to the right information. Common CTA’s include Book Now, Sign up, Free Demo.  When deciding on CTA text, use a command voice. Don’t be flimsy, pushy or salesy.

Social Sharing Buttons

First of all, social media is an indicator of website strength. Make sure to produce good quality shareable content. Additionally blogging is a great opportunity to gain social shares. Make sure you have social widgets connected to the website. As a result gain some attention from other sources to  improve website design digital success.

Compelling images

A restaurant website needs to post top quality mouthwatering images in order to attract customers. Hire a professional photographer that has the right lens.  There are also paid stock sites such as Shutterstock. There is a temptation to use your own images, however that will consequently cost in terms of getting customers. A restaurant website needs to be viewed as professional.


Website Design improves immediately with really good navigation. Website visitors need to know where to go to find information easily. Don’t make it hard. Frustrated visitors consequently leave the website and head for the competitor.

Responsive design to Improve Website Design digital success

Responsive website design is important. Always check the mobile version of your website. User friendliness is crucial. First of all, more than 60% of searches are happening on mobile devices. As a result a restaurant with a poor mobile experience may lose a lot of customers.

These are just a few things to consider when creating your website design. Need help? Let's chat!



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