Instagram carousel template | Free

Grab yourself an Instagram carousel template for free!

This design was made in an Illustrator tutorial, but it is available in PDF format. Therefore it’s easily  dragged and dropped into Inkscape too! See instructions below.

Free instagram carousel template

Import into Inkscape

First of all, easily import this PDF into Inkscape by dragging and dropping the file into an opened Inkscape file. Alternatively, right click on the PDF and choose the program to open it with. See image below for more details.


Learn Inkscape 1.0

While there are some tutorials in this course, It is not the main objective. The lessons allow learners to understand the tools and why they are used.

Secondly you will see a pop up box. So, choose:

  1. Internal Import
  2. Tick replace PDF fonts
  3. Embed images

In short, these are default settings. Click ok, and you are certainly ready to edit!

***For Inkscape users***

If you wind up on root layer, just copy the layer contents and add them to a new layer. Consequently here is a video just in case: Get out of root layer tutorial

Furthermore, in order to edit the design it’s necessary to ungroup everything repeatedly. 

Finally, you can edit this design! In addition to changing the text, also edit font, shapes and also the colour to suit your company’s brand.

After that, when you’re finished editing, export one 1080 x 1080px (Instagram size requirement) square at a time. (Inkscape users). This is because Inkscape currently only allows one artboard. Do this for all ten slides. 

Enjoy this free download 🙂

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Instagram carousel template | Free
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