Instagram content planning: Grow the right way

Instagram content planning is key to growing your followers. It’s not the only key but it is the images that attract users. Attract the right target market. Growth is only good if you are attracting real fans. It is better to have 100 real fans than 100,000 followers that are not engaged. Plan a strategy that ensures you capture the right audience.

Instagram content planning Grow social media followers

Instagram content planning: Theme

Your Instagram theme needs to be consistent. Branding across all channels from website design to Instagram profile should be consistent. Consider the following:

  • Colours-ideally your brands colours
  • Content filters-if you use them be consistent
  • Content types


Ideally the colours of your Instagram account are the same as your website and other channels including marketing material. Also it takes a few impressions for the branding to stick in the minds of customers. Consequently consistency is key to being remembered.

Content types

Content types range from quotes, Statistics, helpful advice, informative posts. Some methods include Video, single post type and also carousels. Experiment to see what resonates with your audience best. Video is supposed to take off this year, however single posts probably do better than most post types. Therefore test and see what works for you.


Filters are a part of Instagram. Additionally they are a part of the theme of your page. Similar to colours it is important to be consistent. As a result use them consistently or don’t use them at all.

Instagram content planning: Timing & Instagram Insights

Check your Instagram Insights for statistics. Determine when your following is active on Instagram. This will ensure your audience is actually likely to see the post rather than not. Instagram Insights will inform you about your audience. Whether they are male, female, and what cities they are in, posts most interacted with. As a result knowing this will help tailor post information.

Instagram content planning: How often to post?

Ideally to achieve growth you should post 1-2x per day. If you are an agency, social media is probably outsourced. For a small business owner this is time consuming. Pick one day a week to get your content ready. Try to plan for a weeks’ worth of posting at a time.

Using templates can speed up the process.  There are also Canva templates available that are ready made for you. Canva is a really amazing tool for creating social media content.

Additionally there are also stylish social media packages that will help define your page clearly. As a result using templates can speed up the process a little bit.

Grow Instagram

The truth is that growth is not going to happen without effort. Effort means engaging with people on Instagram. Engagement creates engagement. Before posting your image, engage with fellow followers. Not just on your post but theirs too. Do this for 15 minutes before you post, and 15 minutes after posting. Consequently this will ensure they have seen your post too. Make new friends online!



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Instagram content planning | Grow social media followers
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