Install font

Learn how to install font on your computer. Fonts are certainly everywhere. Before installing fonts also make sure they are available for commercial use.

install font

Install font: Commercial use

First of all always make sure that you are also able to use the font for any purpose. Furthermore the best way to do that is certainly by getting the fonts at sites like Font Squirrel or rather Google Fonts. 

Install font: Find the font

Search for the font you want to add. For this example we will use a font called Walkway from Font Squirrel.


Install font: Extract

First of all download the font. It will likely be in a compressed zip file. Additionally we will need to unzip the folder. You may need Winzip or alternatively free 7zip to do this. Also press the extract all file as shown in step 1. As a result you will have a folder ready to drag and drop into your computer. However we certainly need to find the right place!

Learn Inkscape 1.0

While there are some tutorials in this course, It is not the main objective. The lessons allow learners to understand the tools and why they are used.

Install font: Locate the font folder

Firstly search for Control Panel. Secondly in the control panel window go to the search bar in the top right. Type Font and also press enter. As a result we have arrived at the place! (Step 5 shown).

This next step is also important.


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install font

Install font: Install for all users

First of all select the fonts to be installed. Furthermore make sure you have the unzipped folder selected. Finally right click and also choose install for all users. This is probably all you need to do. However you can also drag and drop fonts into the font folder. 

install font

The last step should certainly work. This is additionally an alternative.

Lastly we need to find the fonts in step 2. Simply drag and drop them into the font folder. 

If there are any problems with the font use, make sure to set the permission to all users. 

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Install font on your computer in just a few steps
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