Draw a Kangaroo Inkscape Tutorial

Draw a kangaroo Inkscape tutorial. I'll walk you through how to create a really cool kangaroo vector graphic. Find these kinds of graphics used on embroidered patches, t-shirts, stickers and more! Using a variety of tools we will create this stunning simple design. Follow the Illustrator kangaroo tutorial instead.

Draw a Kangaroo Inkscape Tutorial: Pen tool

It is usually a good idea to use a photo to see the design or use as a reference. As a result you will know where to draw the shape of the kangaroo. Knowledge of the pen tool basics is certainly helpful. The pen tool is the best tool in the program because you can draw anything. As a result it is essential to study how to practice using the pen tool.

Draw a Kangaroo Inkscape Tutorial: Font

Font choice can make or break a design. It makes the design more interesting. Try a serif or rugged type font. Charm the right audience to get the sale. Consequently giving a certain look and appeal to the right people.

Draw a Kangaroo Inkscape Tutorial: Colour

Colour is also important to consider. Sure, kangaroos are brown. But could it be something else to represent something? Try mixing it up a little bit to represent something greater. Consider the provincial or state colours. Use green and yellow or something popular, and as a result change the design accordingly. View other graphic design tutorials.


Kangaroos are popular in Australia of course. There's even a team called the "Hockeyroos" and their mascot is a female roo. These vectors are found in sport logos, used for teams, and also used on t-shirts, hats, stickers, posters mugs and whatever you want to put it on. Additionally these types of vectors are simple and easy to design.

Therefore for people interested in t-shirt this is a fun tutorial that shows you a lot about the pen tool. After creating any t shirt vector find a mockup psd file for a presentation. Consequently it is much easier to sell to people looking to buy.

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Kangaroo Inkscape Tutorial

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Kangaroo Inkscape Tutorial | Learn to draw
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