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First of all, label & package design really makes a product look fantastic. Additionally product packaging is so very important in gaining the attention of customers. Of all the selections of beer (any product really) at the store which one are you going to choose, and why do you choose it? There is no doubt that well designed package design will sell a product to the right audience.

However there are a few things you should know about product design before watching the process video below.

Label & package design coffee branding tutorial

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Product Information

When designing a product for a customer you will want to take into consideration the overall feel of the brand. For the project consider the font type, the colours and logo design. Furthermore everything should be in vector format and you should be able to convert your CMYK colours to Pantone. (If you don't know how to do that watch this video.)

Also written text information, bar codes (barcode tutorial) nutrition information, any images or graphics need to be considered. As a result find out from the customer what needs to be on the package design.

Above all make certain you have all the information from the client needed for the design.

Get a printer for package design

The printer certainly has the design specs for the package or label. Specifically "die lines'. These are measurements used to create a template in which to design the product's package. Customers can certainly get die line templates from their preferred printer and share them with the designer.

Label & package design files for the customer

Customers require the design in AI vector format. It is also useful to use Photoshop for a mock-up to show the customer how the product will look in actual use. Printers will probably only require the AI file.


Watch a simple tutorial for coffee branding package design.


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Label & package design tutorial coffee branding
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