Landscaping Website Conversion Tips

Your landscaping website can generate a lot of business if it is designed correctly. A poorly designed or old website may be losing you customers. A website should work hard for you. Well-designed websites are made to convert leads into customers. Let’s examine some landscaping website conversion tips.

landscape website design conversion tips

Mobile Responsive Design

More people are using mobile phones to search for local businesses and also make purchase decisions. It is crucial to be mobile responsive. Landscaping websites with elements off the page, difficult to read pages, or unclear navigation will turn customers away because they are frustrated with the experience. If your website does not look good on mobile, your business is consequently losing customers.

Appealing Content

Landscaping websites need to visually attract clients with stunning high quality images.  It is therefore necessary to have high quality images on the homepage. Add a gallery of images to highlight the services you offer. Appeal to potential clients by showcasing the work you have done for others. For example, before and after pictures of a project is as a result highly engaging. Shutterstock is a paid website offering quality images.

Service Pages

It is important to have a separate page for each service provided rather than listing each service on the homepage. Individual pages allow for search engines to index the specific service page. Because of this customers searching for your service can find it easier.

Search Engine Optimization

Follow good SEO practices when building web page content. Instead of saying "Why isn't anyone coming to my website?" You need to understand what drives people to your website. People are searching for your landscaping expertise, so make it easy for them to find you.

Make sure your headings, structure and descriptions are successfully promoting keywords. Keywords are the words customers use, and what you want to rank for in Google search. In addition, try to gain some backlinks and grow your social media.

Lead Generating Content

Homeowners that care about their lawn and garden search the internet for information on best tips and practices. Your landscaping website is an opportunity to engage and inform potential clients. Because of this, it is good practice to blog about your expertise. Write blog posts about specific landscaping, lawn and garden expertise that people are searching for. Include a call to action at the bottom of the post with your service and a way to contact your company.
Another valuable content item might be a free seasonal lawn care checklist that aligns with your service. Offer the checklist in exchange for an email so that you can send occasional discounts, coupons and promotions.

Contact Information

A lot of times people just visit a website to find out address, phone number or opening hours. People trust websites that have an address. Search engines also like websites with contact information. Because of this it is important to have contact information readily available on every page. In addition to this make sure you have contact forms as well as phone number to give many contact options. This is because some people prefer to call while others prefer email contact.

Call to Action

Call to action is a method of prompting users to take an action on your website. Fill out a form, request a quote, sign up, and download. These are usually in the form of a button that leads to a page to complete the action.

Professional Website Design

If your website is old, outdated or improperly configured you might be losing customers. Potential customers will make snap decisions based on viewing your website. It is therefore important to convey professionalism and credibility on your landscaping website. Website design needs to stay fresh and modern to show customers that you are keeping up with current trends and also that you care about your business as well as your customer.
If you find that there is room to improve your website, or you are looking to optimize your landscaping website for conversions Ardent Designs can help!

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Landscaping Website Conversion Tips