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It is easy to learn t-shirt designing. However the market can be quite saturated. Knowing your target market and what they want is key to sales.

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Learn T-shirt designing: Learn Photoshop & Illustrator

Learning Photoshop and Illustrator is necessary to become a really good t-shirt designer. Illustrator is vector based software. This means that it is high quality graphics with scalability. Corel Draw and Inkscape are also vector based programs however they don’t integrate with files such as PSD’s for mockups. Neither do they integrate well with a t-shirt design kit like the offer below.

Learn T-shirt designing: Determine the T-shirt Niche market

First of all decide the target audience that you would like to serve. In order to be successful this is a crucial step. T-shirt design is a highly competitive market. Also determine if you will target men, women, which demographics, leisure activities, location.

Targeting a specific niche also allows for specialization. Additionally people pay more for specialization, because they cannot get it anywhere else. Furthermore that is how you get away from competitors and emerge as a unique business. Consequently you'll get more customers.

Design creatively

Of course you have to create some designs. Whatever the audience you’ve chosen to serve, make sure it will appeal to them. Simple designs sometimes make the best sellers. Also funny sayings are always a hit. Customers will not be attracted to t-shirt designs that can be purchased anywhere else. As a result make sure your creative passion is fueled in the right direction.

Present designs in a mockup

Mock up all designs. After all customers want to view the t-shirt. Photoshop makes it really easy to mockup designs with PSD templates. Furthermore you can get these templates for free sometimes. But often you need to spend a few dollars to get something compatible and also changeable. For example you probably want to change the mockup t-shirt colour. As a result, it is well worth the investment.

Get opinions from friends

Ask some friends for honest constructive critiques. Friends that are willing to give honest feedback on the designs. It is better to do this before you consequently spend money printing on shirts that do not sell.

Print options

You could buy a printing press and some vinyl and source some t-shirts. Or you could also outsource to a printing company and consequently make it easy for yourself. Additionally factor in the costs and also make room for profit. Remember that people pay more for specialization. As a result charge for it.

Selling t-shirts

You will need a website design with Ecommerce functionality. Furthermore selling online is cost effective and reduces overhead expenses. Alternatively, check out some fairs and events where you can set up a table. Markets are also great for exposure.


With dedication and sticking to the niche market you will become successful in your endeavor.


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