Logo Design Contests Remain Bad Business

Starting a new business can be both exciting and stressful. As a result you want to stand out with a professional logo. Design contests might seem like a good idea at first. To clarify, a large pool of designers create designs based on your business genre and you get to select a winner. Sounds great, right? Not necessarily. Logo design contests remain bad business.


3 Reasons Logo Design Contests Remain Bad Business


Skillset, Copycats and Copyright Infringement

Logo design contests appeal to businesses wanting variety. These contests can attract designers of varying skill sets from all over the world. Consequently these contests offer less skills, or worse provide a logo design that was used on previous clients. This can lead to copyright infringement and sometimes as a result lead to court battles.


Firstly, check out the following logo designs from (Cork) 48 Hours Logo and (Munford) Design Crowd. In addition remember that designers are not screened for any copyright infringements. Furthermore be sure to read the contract in which you are agreeing to. Liability likely as a result falls to the owner of the design.


3 reasons Logo Design Contests Remain Bad Business
3 reasons Logo Design Contests Remain Bad Business

http s://www.designcrowd.com.br/design/16806726


Client Designer Relationship is Lost

Hiring a local graphic designer enables you to get to know the designer. A local designer knows your city, town, country. In addition they know identifiable features and landmarks and the history of these things that lead to concepts for your designs.
Furthermore professional logo designers follow a 7-step logo design process when getting to know your company. This seven step process consequently gets skipped in logo contests. Contest participants will often skip all the necessary step and go right into designing as many logos as possible in hopes of winning the contest.


Communication issues

Clients certainly cannot develop a working relationship with a designer if there is little to no communication. Designers from other cultures or countries may not understand your business consequently leading to a design that doesn’t represent the company very well.


Can you get a great design from a logo design contest?

Design contests certainly attract designers with less skill sets and experience. Consequently you won’t find the best experienced designers here. Imagine 30 logo designers entering contest after contest in hopes of winning some. In short, there is only one winner. The sad truth is many designers will be unpaid. How much effort would you expect unpaid designers to give your company?

Consider a professional designer. Professional designers love to create. They love what they do and you will see this reflected in whatever is created for your company. Branding is so important for a company. Paying a little bit more upfront will pay off in the long term. Remember, your logo is a long term investment.



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3 Reasons Logo Design Contests Remain Bad Business
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