Logo design mistakes can harm your small business

A logo conveys so much information for a business. It is the first step in branding. Often it is the first way a person becomes aware of you company. Logo design is an investment for your company and it is crucial to do it professionally the first time. Here is some common logo design mistakes small business should avoid.

Logo design mistakes

Amateur design & do it yourself logo design

Professional design costs money. Hiring an amateur will unlikely produce a quality design. Amateur design will also cost you more money in the long run. What?? No really. This is because it will cost you in lost customers, or people assuming your company is as unprofessional as your brand. Poorly designed logos can result in lost consumer trust.  Do it yourself logo design is not much better. It has the effect of looking unprofessional.

Some reasons that a business decides to go this route include:

  • Saving money by self-designing a logo
  • A friend with a little knowledge does some designing
  • Online logo maker produces generic logo that sells to many other people, therefore can do this cheaply

It is strange to think how much money companies invest in supplies and equipment for a business and yet neglect or go cheap on the branding. These logo design mistakes can have perilous consequences resulting in lost business for your company.

Following the latest trend

A logo should stand the test of time. Following the latest design trends will result in something that looks tacky and outdated in a few years. This will cost more when you need a re design. People will view your brand as outdated when they view your logo. A professional logo designer will create a timeless logo while avoiding trends.

Don’t use raster images for your logo

Raster images are images that will pixelate when scaled up in size. Photoshop can produce raster graphics. Vector graphics are the standard for producing quality logos. Adobe Illustrator is the standard program for designing professionally for businesses. Vectors are ideal because they scale up really large and scale down really small with no loss of quality. Vector files can also be edited at a later date.

Overly designed with too much detail

Logos are meant to be simple. Simplicity leads to being memorable. Too much detail in the design can lead to many problems. A complicated design will not be retained in the memory of your target audience. People may be put off by the design. It may even look unprofessional and as a result potential customers will opt for the competitor.

In addition, complicated design will have printing problems. Fine details might disappear or blur into each other as the object is scaled up and down. The more simple the design the easier it is for a target audience to remember. While the design might look pretty cool to you, it is not effective if it isn’t doing its job. Keep it simple.

Unclear brand message

Having a symbol or icon in your logo needs to have meaning. Unless of course you have a large marketing budget to make sure everyone knows who you are. Most small businesses have moderate budgets. Designers understand this, however logo design is an investment. Your design should represent your business, or product and service offerings. People shouldn’t have to guess what you do and what your company is about. Make it clear.

Font choices are inappropriate or there are too many

Choosing the right font for a company is an important part of logo design. Fonts have personality. For example you wouldn’t use the Disney font for a bank or investment firm. It would look silly. Not only that but it would damage the firms image severely. A logo is used to attract a target audience for your business. That is the logos ultimate job. A professional designer is experienced in choosing appropriate fonts for a brand project.

Another problem results in using too many fonts in the logo. Ideally you should not use more than two different font styles in a logo. Over complicating the design will consequently produce a poor design.

Copycat designing

Logo design is meant to single out and identify a company. It is the visual representation of the company. Also it is how others view the company. Copying someone else’s logo is not ideal. Being unoriginal will not help your company to stand out from competition. It really defeats the whole purpose of a logo.

Expecting great design on low budget

There are cheap places to get a logo design. There are contests, and people you may know with some design experience. However getting your design made cheaply will likely result in a cheap design. Your business is an investment for the long term and your logo is a part of that investment. People view your business and decide in about three seconds of they want to do business with you. Make sure the logo represents the company well.


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Logo design mistakes small business should avoid
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