The Logo Design Process from Start to Finish

This is the 7 step logo design process from start to finish. It may seem like a long process but a necessary one. The goal is to create a logo that stands out from the competition and the market. The logo should be simple and memorable and provide value for the client.


Logo Design Questionnaire

The first step in the logo design process involves getting to know the client needs. To gain this information clients should fill out a logo design questionnaire. The logo design questionnaire helps the designer to understand the nature of the company in addition to the concepts and ideas that the business owner may have.

Things included in the logo design questionnaire

In addition to basic details such as name, email, and web address if applicable the questionnaire asks if the logo will be used in web or print or both. The reason for this is to design in either RGB or CMYK colour mode.

Also company name, background and short description of services. This gives a general outline of the business and what it offers.

Furthermore ask about the target market, the business competitors, how the company stands out from competitors, and how the company would like to differentiate. This assists in delivering a refined logo that delivers the appropriate message to the clients target market.

Finally the logo design questionnaire also asks the client about colour preferences, and links to any logos they like.

Questions assist greatly in determining how a logo is designed. Sometimes clients fail to fill in the entire questionnaire and a phone call or additional emails are required. It is important to gain this information for the purpose of designing a logo the client will love.


The next step in the logo design process is research. This will speed up the design process. Find out what they are doing that is successful or not successful and how the client’s logo can differentiate. The target market needs to be researched in order to find out who the audience is. Are they teenagers, male, female, couples, retirees? Are they grouped by activity or location? As a result knowing who the target market is will help determine the style and direction to take the logo.


The next step in the logo design process is conceptualizing. This a process that includes looking to see what else is out there. In this process we can see whether companies use a specific style for the logo such as emblem or wordmark. Additionally sometimes colours are more popular for a specific industry. It also assists the designer with inspiration and getting into a specific industry mode before designing the client’s logo.


Sketch a lot. At least one design should stand out as a clear winner. Sometimes what we imagine looking good ends up not looking good after we draw it. It is best to sketch on paper before taking the design to the computer for further revising.


Choose a few best logo designs to recreate in Illustrator. (There are other vector based programs, however Illustrator is the standard program in the industry.) In choosing the best designs consider them in relation to the design brief. Which logo design concepts are best? Which concept will make the clients logo stand out in a competitive market? A clear winner should emerge.


The client may like the logo but with specific tweaks. Usually it is a colour change or font change. Decide how many revisions are allowed for the price paid. Revisions should not be unlimited. Consequently, the incomplete logo design questionnaire can be problematic.


The client loves the design! Hooray!! Now is the time to wrap up the files. These files typically consist of PNG, TIFF, PDF, and AI. The logo design files should have different versions. For example they should have a colour version, and a black and white version.

Brand Guide

Designers should provide a simple brand guide (free download pdf here) for the client. This is an additional step that provides value to the client. The addition of a brand guide will also make the designer look professional. It should have information pertaining to fonts and colours, logo versions, among others.

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Logo design process 7 steps start-finish