Logo design questionnaire | What to ask customers?

As designers we need to have a methodical way to extract useful information from our clients. Clients may have an idea of what they want. They might even send some images they like. Certainly there are clients that have no idea what they want till they get it. Designing a well crafted questionnaire can help gain insight into what the client likely wants. Here are some logo design questionnaire questions to ask your customers and why it is useful.

Logo design questionnaire

Logo design questionnaire Questions

Where will the design be used?

It is certainly important to know and understand the client’s needs. Firstly clients may need the design for web usage, clothing, or print material. Furthermore there are vast differences between web and print. As a result be prepared.

What is the company name, background, and service/product provided?

This may seem a bit obvious at first. However, clients really need to go into detail as much as possible. This will help the designer to provide the best results.

Who is the target market for the business?

The more information you are provided, the better equipped you are to begin your research process. Logos are actually created for the target market, not the business. A logo design is a branding tool used to attract customers. Therefore clients don’t just want a logo. Above all they want to attract customers with a logo. As a result, understand who the target market is.

Who is the company’s competition?

Design needs to be on par or above the competition. Also it needs to be unique and memorable. Additionally, research is part of the design process. Know everything you can including the competition. What are they doing better/worse?

What are your thoughts on competitor’s logos? How do you want your logo to differ from theirs?

These questions will help gain insights and narrow down focus from your client. In other words, gather their perspective. What aspects of the logo do they like and dislike?

What attributes of your business would you like the logo to reflect?

Questions like this help define quality features, characteristics and distinctions about the business. Most importantly is that the logo reflects these ideas. For example a fine dining restaurant will have different traits than a burger joint because it targets a different market segment.

If your customer came away with just two thoughts about your business, what would they be?

This type of question gets the client thinking about their customer’s point of view. Similarly what should the customer feel about the company? In short, effective logo design is all about provoking an emotion from the customer.

Your project budget and project deadline?

To sum up, narrow down the scope of the work to be done for the allotted budget. Also never under price yourself. Finally, find time in your schedule.

Clients want to know how much things cost, but it really depends on what they want. Just like buying a car, you can buy a beater that gets you from point A to point B. You can buy something faster for more money. More luxurious for more money. Logo design will require you to do research, spend your time and going through the 7-step logo design process. Your time and effort mean more money. Really try to get this information from them.

Logo design questionnaire questions conclusion

Do not offer unlimited revisions unless you don’t believe in your ability. Choices are confusing to the customer. They paid you to provide a logo, the best possible outcome. If you have done the job right then you will have presented them with the best possible solution. Use these logo design questionnaire questions to gain insight from your next client.



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Logo design questionnaire | Ask the right questions
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