Logo vs website, which should be designed first?

Recently I came across an interesting question. Should a logo be created first, or the website? Of course there was all sorts of advice that sounded a bit expensive. Small business owners are looking for solutions to problems, and it need not be complicated. Let’s examine the reasons why we brand and logo vs website, which should be designed first?

Logo vs website, which should be designed first?

Why we brand

First of all let’s understand why we brand. Good branding should impact people emotionally. People that connect to your brand tend to feel positive about the purchasing experience. Branding is all about how your customers will perceive your business.

Many start-ups and small businesses disregard the need for branding, and it unfortunately can have serious consequences to your company. But what if a logo and professional web design could earn an extra $80,000 per year? What if it upped your hourly or per project value? Branding creates a perceived value. People pay more for this. Think about it. Even if you are the best chef/restauranteur in the city without a logo, the competition wins the customers every time.

So… logo vs website, which should be designed first?

Which should be designed first? Logo vs Website


Logo design is the foundation of your company brand

The logo should ultimately come first. Logo design is the first step in branding a company. Logo design is ultimately the foundation for company branding including web design.

Designing a logo is a 7-step process in which a client fills out a questionnaire. This briefing process is important, as the designer will use this information while researching the company. Then there will be brainstorming, sketching, concepts and revision. Fonts, colour scheme, and other details are considered. Above all this process will ensure the best possible logo design solution for the company.

Logo Design heavily impacts web design

The web designer is heavily influenced by the logo design. The logos colour, font, shadows, highlights, padding will all be considered when designing a new website. The website will incorporate these features. A web designer cannot guess about the brand style. Consequently without a logo design first it won’t be possible to get a well-designed website.

It wouldn’t be wise to just go with what you got because it was cheaper. Brand message need to be clear to visitors and customers in order to appeal to the right target market.

Stunning logos make stunning website designs

A stunning logo design will assist greatly in the creation of a stunning website. In contrast a poorly designed logo will not be helpful in producing a good website. Clients sometimes get a logo online somewhere for a few dollars and therefore think it is good enough. I’ve seen clients with clipart that they are calling their logo.

First of all, if the client is going to visit a designer then they cannot be totally happy with the logo. Secondly, branding is all about your company, message, and who is your target audience. The logo design is actually for them. Clip art is not going to resonate with any target audience not will it translate into good branding strategy by integrating poor design into a web design.

Save money in the long run. Get a logo design professionally. A poorly designed logo will make your new website unattractive. You probably won't get excited about that.

Clients go to designers because they are not sure what they need or want. Sometimes they do know, but they require some help pulling it all together. As a result knowing the purpose and goals of the company will go a long way to creating a logo and web design that brand a company the right way.


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Logo vs website, which should be designed first?
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