Reasons your website needs a website redesign

Thinking of a website redesign? If your website was built more than ten years ago it’s probably due for a major overhaul. Depending on the technology, possibly a complete website redesign. Technology changes, and along comes better technology. Here are some reasons to invest in a more modern website design.


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Website has a dated look

If it has been a long time since your website was initially built chances are that the website has outgrown the technology used to build it. Customers view your website as part of your company branding and who they perceive you to be. An old outdated website may as a result cause visitors to assume your product/service is outdated also. It is therefore important to stay current by updating the look and feel of your website.


Unfortunately people make decisions about whether they will do business with a company based on viewing the website. Make sure it is professional and appeals to the right target audience with consistent messages. With so much competition out there, it is so important to have a professional online presence.

Credibility and customer trust is key to gaining sales. Ways to use a website to communicate trust includes:

  1. consistent top-notch design and branding
  2. Fresh content
  3. Web interconnectivity
  4. Clear information

Consistent top-notch design and branding

Firstly a website needs to have quality design and consistent branding in order to gain trust and credibility. Visitors arriving on your webpage should ultimately know what to do. Navigation should be clear and easy to find. Not finding clearly labelled content or links will make people assume you don’t have what they want. People that can’t find what they are looking for will get frustrated and leave. In contrast, clear navigation will send traffic to the right place and as a result visitors will trust your website.

Additionally consistent branding gains visitor trust. Consistent branding includes colours and images that portray your business. Did you know colours have a psychological meaning? Yep, it’s true! Have you ever noticed corporate entities tend to choose blue while a creative company might choose purple? The idea here is to connect your brand with a customer base that will be attracted to it.

Furthermore, simplicity of design and using whitespace can improve a visitors overall view of your website. Information is perceived as well laid out and informative. In contrast having cluttered images, text, spelling errors or broken links can be perceived as unprofessional and result in visitors abandoning your website.

Fresh Content

By fresh content we mean content that is new, relevant and dedicated to helping visitor gain valuable knowledge. Providing useful expert advice to visitors can gain their trust and helps convert them to customers.

Images also convey powerful messages to visitors. For example if you are in the landscaping industry it would be essential to show a before and after photo of the landscaping work or the process with several photos.

People want to see the level of professionalism and who is doing the work. Are they wearing a nice branded shirt with a company logo? Or grubby t shirt with some holes in it? Establishing trust is important, especially when inviting people to your home.

Website service information should represent all services. For example, let’s use the landscaping industry again. Suppose the landscaping website features a lot of images and content mostly targeted to commercial properties. While residential services were also offered, less images with happy residential lawn & garden customers, no testimonial or other written content puts people off. Visitors assume less care is given to residential customers.

One of the major reasons you need a website redesign is due to the services have changed or expanded over the years.

Web interconnectivity

People tend to do a lot of research before committing to working with a company. Social media activity, reviews and testimonials from other customers and web directories listing a company indicate a company with some level of establishment. A website with no other digital presence on the internet may come across as untrustworthy.

Because sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google my Business have such prominence and credibility people tend to trust them in their research process. The absolute best business comes word of mouth. Word of mouth recommendations are from sources people trust such as friends and family. Also way up there on trust is recommendations and reviews from other people who have used your service or product.

When it comes to reviews, people tend to trust them more when they come from Google my Business review section, Facebook reviews or other external sources. That is why it is so important to have your website connected to the web.

Social media is lacking

Chances are if your website is outdated, you don’t have any social media integrated into your website. Why is this important? This is important because search engines view this as a trust factor. If Google doesn’t see social media on your website, your ranking may suffer. Furthermore, customers want to engage with your organization in a shareable community way that leads to reviews, and word-of-mouth confidence in your business.

Social media integration in your website is social. Not having this integration will cause your website to need a redesign.

Clear Information

Presenting website information in a clear concise way helps create trust. After all, would you trust a website with no contact information?

Paying customers want clear upfront information regarding fees and costs they will incur, return policies or shipping rates. Visitors wanting information or researching a purchase decision do not want to email or call to find information. Lack of clear information causes visitors to leave a website and as a result not convert to a customer.

Having too many pop-ups on your website before providing any valuable information is very annoying to visitors and leads to lack of trust. Imagine being bombarded with sign up forms requesting personal information and buy now buttons before gaining any knowledge of the company offering. Can you imagine the same approach from a salesperson walking into a physical store? Yikes.

Providing clear relevant information on a website proves to the customer you have nothing to hide and a simple understanding of the customer needs. Visitors appreciate transparency and this leads to trust which leads to gaining a website customer.

Does not look good on mobile

A website absolutely must look good on a mobile device. Years ago websites were very simple and most searches took place on desktop devices. In recent years people are on the go, looking for restaurants “near me” and can even speak to Google rather than type. How convenient is that??

Studies show that more than 80% of people are using mobile devices to make purchase decisions while visiting websites. Furthermore, Google is taking a hard looks at this staggering figure and ranking responsive designed websites higher in search engine searches. Is your website optimized for mobile devices? You might be losing customers and you may need a website redesign. After all, you want the website to get customers. Otherwise, what’s the point in having one?

Slow to load website

Studies show that people leave a website if it hasn’t loaded in less than 3 seconds. If you have probably done this yourself then you know it is true. Slow loading pages are a clear sign of a failing website. Not only are you driving customers away, but it is bad for search engine optimization and ranking on searches. Poorly optimized images are one of the major reasons for slow loading websites.

Google Page Speed insights is a great tool to find out more about why your website is slow. If the website is built on a bad foundation then it may be difficult to turn it around. Therefore it may be a top reason you need website redesign service.

Talk to a website designer to find out about problems and solutions.

Customers complain about your website

First of all, if your customers cannot find you online this is a problem. Getting frequent calls from frustrated customers stating they can’t find the company website will result in lost sales. While loyal customers may make further inquiries via phone call or through social media however, in contrast how many customers do not call at all? Or worse still, potential customers didn’t find you however they did find your competitor.

A website that cannot be found online is likely experiencing SEO issues. SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO has many parts. Onpage SEO refers to written content and html content. It includes optimizing images, alt tags, keywords, H1 headings, Meta descriptions, title tags and inbound/outbound links.

In contrast off page SEO is all about external links pointing to your website. Some of these techniques include link building (Example: Chamber of Commerce website page links back to your website) and social media marketing. This reference tells Google that you are important and Google in turn ranks you higher.

Local SEO is very valuable and is something easily done without an experts help. Simply go to Google my Business and sign up for a page. This will involve verifying yourself and mailing your code out before you can get a page, but well worth it.

Understanding how SEO can impact the overall health of a website is a giant first step to gaining customer leads. Talk with a web designer to find out how they can help you.

If your website was designed without SEO then it is not going to be a useful tool to gain customers. A website redesign is recommended.

Usability issues

User experience is a measure of how well users can get around the website. This is important on all devices. For example a tap target that is too close to another object might interfere with a user’s ability to navigate to the desired place.

Information should be presented in a clear manner. Visitors should always be able to find what they are looking for. Proper layout and whitespace are used to direct attention to areas of interest.

Another issue is content not displayed properly. Have you ever visited a website that has broken images or links? Sometimes it is a glitch but it may be a sign of a bigger problem such as old software programs that are not supported any more. Whatever the case, you should investigate or hire a web designer to check your website for you.

Ultimately visitors will assume that you don’t care about your own company, and that idea may transfer in the service you provide. Make sure your website is properly representing your company.

First of all websites need to be designed for the visitor or user of the website. Secondly SEO needs to be optimized for search engines so visitors can find your website. Finally, Information needs to be useful, accessible and definitely credible and trustworthy.

Your competition looks better

This is a sure sign that your website needs a re-design. As a result you should always be looking at your competitor to see what they are doing that is working or not working.

If your competitor’s website makes you a bit jealous it might be time for a redesign. Certain functionality and content is appealing to visitors that helps convert visitors to customers.

If the completion is looking and performing better, they’re probably taking your customers too. Your website is a large part of your company’s online image. If you feel any of these are true of your website, why not contact us today for a free website design consultation.


Websites need to be redesigned every 5-10 years. Technology changes and so should your website. Modern fresh design is required to stay relevant. However even the most beautiful website could be underperforming. Websites are meant to be used as a marketing tool to enable you to get customers. We all want more customers. Use a website to build your company identity, reach more people and increase sales. If your website is underperforming or you aren’t getting traffic it is time to consider a website redesign.


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