Deciding whether to offer clients multiple logo options

Designers sometimes feel like they need to provide clients with many logo design options. I’ve explored this option myself by offering a higher priced package that will allow the client to see many options. The smaller package allows for one logo design with three edits only. It is by far the most popular package. Should designers offer clients multiple logo options? I’ve come to expect that this is not what the customer hired the designer for and besides, it is labour intensive for the designer.


Should designers offer clients multiple logo options?


Creating a logo design for a company means going through a 7 step logo design process. Firstly this involves a questionnaire to gather information from the company, services, background, their target market, competition and differentiation. Secondly, there is a research process, conceptualizing to see what is out there, colour psychology and font pairings. Furthermore all of this happens before sketching, drafting and revisions and delivery of files. As a result of this process the designer is coming to the single most perfect option for the client. Anything else is second best.

Client Expectations

The client hires the designer to make this choice for them. Let’s imagine what the client thinks and feels when presented with multiple options. They’ve hired you to create a logo, you’ve agreed on a price, and you have set to work. The client anticipates seeing what his/her new logo will look like on website, business cards and letterhead.

Instead the client is presented with multiple logo design options, different colours, formats and fonts. The client might like all of them, ask you what your opinion is or their friends. They don’t know what to do. Think about it. A doctor wouldn’t ask you to choose between 40 different medicines, would they? You just want the best one for you. The client hires the designer to make this choice for them. As a result, don’t make it hard for them.

Why you are hired in the first place

Graphic designers are commissioned to provide a solution to a problem. A company needs a logo that suits their business. The client expects to be provided with a combination of font choices, colour and icon. They also need it to be scalable, timeless, memorable, versatile and relevant.

So…should designers offer clients multiple logo options?


- It is resource intensive on the graphic designer. Providing multiple options means you probably haven’t gone through the research process.

- Time intensive. Time is money. If you spend this much time providing multiple options, mockups and files, then you are working for less than minimum wage, or you are costing clients unnecessary charges.

- By providing endless options, you are telling the client you will keep designing and designing endlessly. And as a result they may not like any designs! By providing one logo option you therefore are telling the client that this logo is the best option.

First of all set expectations up front before money is exchanged. Furthermore offer a one concept logo with a few revisions. As a result clients are often happy with no revisions, however it gives clients some input into the final design.

Remember also that you are the professional. Clients hire you for your expertise.


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Should designers offer clients multiple logo options?