Professional Business Card Design 

Your company logo is the face of your business. With logo design comes professional business card design. Professional business card design is important. Others will view your company through your marketing material. Communication is key when designing business cards. Additionally it can have a huge impact on potential clients. Designing a professional card is important, especially in order to wow clients. Be remembered when giving a business card to a client.

Listed below are some things to consider when designing a business card.

Professional Business Card Design 

Avoid adding Social Handles

The business card will include the company logo, contact information as well as address of the business. Some people prefer to add social media channels. Only include social media channel information if they are professional and don’t overcrowd. In short, If it is an important aspect of your business knowledge or presentation then consider including social handles.


With a simplistic business card design your logo can stand out. A simple business card design will have the logo on the front. Using a 2 sided business card design, contact information can be placed on the back. It is important to use the company colours on the business card to be immediately recognizable to clients.


Choose fonts from the logo. Sans serif fonts are recommended. The reason for this is to retain legibility. If your logo has script fonts, avoid using them in the business card. Sans serif font is easier to read.


"Simple business card design not unlike logo design is memorable when simple."


Don’t overcrowd or complicate

Simplicity is best. Simple business card design not unlike logo design is memorable when simple. For example, placing the logo on one side with the contact information on the other side is simple and memorable. Adding too much information consequently leads to an off putting design. Business card information must be easily found.

Business Card Design

Overall it is important to be consistent and true to your company branding. You should be proud to hand over a business card to your prospective clients. Find out more about business card design options.

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Professional Business Card Design Do’s & Don’ts