When to consider a professional website redesign

When should you consider a professional website redesign? Your website is the face of your online business presence. A well designed website ultimately will generate visits, customer leads and inquiries. These are the elements we all strive for to create a strong digital presence. Technology changes, sometimes rather quickly. If it has been a long time since the website was designed it may be time for a professional website redesign.

professional website redesign


How a website is designed is an important aspect to consider for user experience. Potential customers need a clear path to find the information they need. The goal is to keep visitors on your website and convert them to customers. Information must be freely and clearly available. Also a clear call to action will assist visitors in making decisions.

Many website designers will sketch out the website design even before they sit down to a computer. This process of website design allows team members and clients visualize ideas as well as stimulate creativity. Great ideas are sometimes happy accidents that happen on paper rather than rigid planning.

Furthermore modern images, font choice as well as images and other content play a role on user experience. Choose professional quality images from either your own files or stock images. This breaks the monotony of text and contributes to the overall branding, design and website layout. If your website is not designed with specific actions built in to the design, then it may be time to consider a professional website redesign.


Studies show that visitors leave a website if it takes more than five seconds to load. No one will wait that long for your website to load. Reasons for slow load websites can be due to outdated technology, server side issues, plugins, bad code, poor image compression or none at all, caching issues, and more.

Pingdom Website Speed Test is a website that can test page speed. It is easy to use. Just like the name suggests it will test your website for speed and give your website a grade. Pingdom will also analyze and suggest ways to improve the speed of your website.

PageSpeed Insights is another tool to analyze the content of a website, and then provide suggestions to make the website load faster. PageSpeed Insights is also a Google Developers tool. It will provide you with a website grade on both mobile and desktop and provide suggestions to improve the speed of the website.

Finally, remember that your website speed does not need to be perfect. If your score is in the average range then you are doing better than many websites out there.


Statistics show that more people are choosing to use cell phones and tablets to make purchase decisions online. Google is taking this seriously and favoring websites that have responsive design. Websites that look good on mobile will naturally show up higher in a search engine search. If your website does not look good on mobile it is time for a professional website redesign. Having a website that looks amazing and has the appropriate functionality it will be easier to benefit from it.

Google Search Console may provide insights into problems such as having a page with clickable elements too close together. While it looks good on desktop, it is always important to check that it looks good on mobile. Consequently Google search may penalize or rather just not rank your website as high as your competitor.


They say content is king and it is true. A website must provide current relevant content that is useful to visitors. If your website content is crowded, displeasing to the eye or uninformative then it is time to consider a professional website redesign. Design with the visitor in mind.

Blogging is a great way to share content about your business, especially on social media. websites can easily integrate a blog page on your website. After creating a fabulous blog post on your website it should be easy to share it.

In addition to blogging and social media, consider search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is how your website pages and posts are helped to rank higher for specific searches. If your current website is not ranking well then it isn’t useful or attracting visitors.


Modern websites can have an analytics plugin to assist in analyzing visitor behavior. This technology enables us to view data including bounce rate. If there is a high ‘bounce rate’ then something is making your visitors leave the website too soon. If your website lacks this technology, consider a professional website redesign. Creating a great user experience will reduce the bounce rate of the website and therefore keep visitors longer potentially resulting in customer conversion.

Ultimately it is important that your website works for you. Websites work 24/7 and we want to get the most efficient optimal use. A website should be designed clearly to allow visitors to take specific actions such as signing up, make a purchase, going to specific pages. Businesses sometimes try the do it yourself approach, and then question whether the functionality is there. If you find that your website isn’t working for you, contact us so we can devise an appropriate solution tailored to your company needs.


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