What is Responsive Web Design? Why it is important.

Why is responsive web design so important? To understand better we need to understand what responsive design actually is. Consequently we also become armed with the power to effect changes.


responsive web design why it is important

Responsive Design Importance

Responsive web design refers to a website’s ability to adapt to all devices. In other words, how your website is viewed on smaller devices such as mobile phones. It is important to make sure the viewing experience is not hampered by poor user experience.

First of all if there are overlapping images, text or other elements it is a big problem. Overlapping or poorly placed elements not only look terrible but they also cause users to have a poor experience. Poor usability is a reason for visitors to flee your website.

Responsive design is crucial to website success. Smaller devices make up the majority of search engine queries. Imagine that. Phone searches are more popular and therefore Google is ranking mobile first as priority. So, even if your website looks great on a laptop, it is not enough. Non responsive websites lose visitors, and therefore do not convert to paying customers.

Additionally, user experience is important. People will not tolerate poor and outdated design. Websites that look like they were built in the last century give a bad impression. If it has been more than five years since you had a website designed, certainly have a website health checkup by a professional web designer. As a result it may be time to modernize and implement new strategy and technology into your website. Consequently attracting new visitors and breathing new life into your brand.

Responsive Design Conclusion

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