Restaurant Marketing Strategies

First of all, restaurant marketing strategies have changed over the years. Also consumers are using the internet consistently to find a great place to eat. Furthermore it is important to keep up with modern marketing techniques in order to be where your customers are looking. Finally, in addition to digital strategies it is also important to not overlook good old fashioned marketing strategies.

Whether you are a brand new restaurant or one that has been around a while, all restaurants certainly need to attract and keep customers. Use these restaurant marketing strategies to improve your business presence.


restaurant marketing strategies

Online Restaurant Marketing Strategies


Your website is part of using restaurant marketing strategies. Consumers are probably searching online for restaurants. Also restaurants are highly searched by people or tourists that are visiting your town. Furthermore studies show that most searches are being done with mobile devices. It is therefore imperative that you have a website. Additionally it is also important that the website be mobile responsive and search engine optimized for keywords. Think about what words customers will use to search your restaurant. Above all make sure to implement those keywords as part of SEO strategy. Restaurant websites must have a full menu displayed attractively. In addition pertinent information must be displayed prominently and easily found. With a strong website in place you can consequently improve your restaurant marketing strategies by signing up for Google my Business.

Google my Business

Google also has another feature called Google my Business. You’ve probably seen this. Search results at the top of the page are results from local business. These are Google My Business profiles that have most noteworthy information such as website, hours, location, photos, reviews and more. Entice more customers by uploading mouthwatering photos of your menu items. Write a well thought out description to consequently attract new patrons. As a result Google my Business is a great place to improve your restaurant marketing strategies for free.

Ask for Reviews

Also word of mouth is even more powerful. You would trust a friend that recommends (or doesn’t) a restaurant, right? The digital version of word of mouth similarly is reviews. People search reviews for restaurants to see if it a great place to try. Ask customers to leave a review on Google, Facebook or other social sites. Always respond to reviews for the reason that it strengthens the loyalty to your restaurant. Sometimes inevitably a restaurant will probably get a negative review. Fear not though, because this is certainly an opportunity to turn a negative into a positive for the many people who will read the review. Explain politely and in great depth how your staff responded to the complaint and show customers above all that you care about them.

Social Media Channels

Finally connect with people on social media. Instagram is an image based platform. Restaurants can post images of staff, their kitchen, and new menu item. Also build a following of Facebook by offering incentives, or special deals. Facebook owns Instagram and as a result you can use the advertising manager to run campaigns for both platforms.

It's all about attracting new customers and even more important, keeping the old faithful customers happy.


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