Restaurant marketing strategy: Serve hot and fresh

Restaurant marketing strategy requires consideration in order to maximize profits. Whether you are a big restaurant or a little one, having a really good strategy can likely increase revenue and awareness of your brand.

Restaurant marketing strategy:

Restaurant marketing strategy: Usability

Website navigation certainly needs to be clear and easy to use. Customers should easily find menus, location, and make reservations online. Don't make people look hard for information. Frustrated visitors leave and never return. As a result make sure the experience is good.

Restaurant marketing strategy: Mobile responsive

Websites most certainly need to be mobile responsive in design. Most of your traffic is coming from mobile devices. Mobile searchers are looking to eat within the hour. Studies show that 60% of visitors will leave a website if the mobile experience is awful. They will head to the competitor instead. As a result it is important to create an experience that keeps visitors on your website.

For restaurants, mobile design is a must have. The amount of people searching for a restaurant “near me” is staggering. Consequently having a website design not optimized for mobile is as good as turning customers away.

Restaurant marketing strategy: Branding

Branding is also very important. It is more than just a logo design. It is the signage, decor, colours,  menu design,  marketing material and anything else that customers come in contact with. Branding is all about how the customer views your restaurant. Consequently create an unforgettable experience that allows patrons to emotionally connect to your brand.


Search engine optimization is certainly necessary in order for a website to be found on the internet. People are probably not searching for your domain name. They likely search for your service and product. Get SEO for your website. Be found for the right keywords.


First of all get online reviews. Also encourage customers to leave reviews on your social media. Additionally monitor all comments, and especially be proactive about negative comments. Don’t fear a negative review. Rather turn it into a positive so the next person viewing it sees you care. Consequently show you care.

Social media

Use high quality images, and excellent copy writing. Display what makes the restaurant experience special. Encourage patrons to take images of their dinner and tag you in social media. Be active and engage people on social media.


Contests are a great way to get the word out. Start a contest in the restaurant that are completed online. This can be to win something like a dinner for two. In order to win they need to engage on your social media. As a result, send traffic to social media.

Get listed

Get listed on food apps, websites, and directories. People will find your restaurant on many different platforms.

Email marketing

Email marketing is a great way to stay in touch with customers. Drive repeat business.  Stay fresh in customers minds.


Ultimately there are many ways to connect with patrons in order fill your restaurant tables. Try them today.

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