Inkscape seamless repeat pattern

Learn how to create a seamless repeat pattern in this Inkscape tutorial. Inkscape actually has a really cool template that makes pattern design easy. Click the image or link to follow the video instead.

Inkscape seamless repeat pattern: Find the template

First of all we need to open the template. Find it by going up to File-New from template. After that, a pop up box will appear. In the box look for Seamless pattern and just choose the default settings. Finally, click create.

As a result this is the template. It certainly comes with a lot of instructions, but however sometimes it is also easier to see someone go through the process for the purpose of learning.

Inkscape seamless repeat pattern: Layers

Open the layers panel. In addition, click the plus signs until everything is open and you can see all the layers.

Secondly click the background layer select all content and delete it. As a result, you will see the preview disappear. Consequently that means everything in the little window will display how your pattern will look. Neat, huh?

The background layer is for adding a background. Consequently don’t use it if you prefer transparent background.

Learn Inkscape 1.0

While there are some tutorials in this course, It is not the main objective. The lessons allow learners to understand the tools and why they are used.

Select the Foreground layer. Most importantly here is where your pattern is made.

Select a graphic from a previous design you have made, copy/paste it in. Remember also that your document is 100x100px so the graphic should be small, perhaps 25x25px. Alternatively choose a star tool to simply follow the tutorial.

Make the tile

Place one star at the top of the page. After that, open align and distribute and then center at the top and make sure ‘Page’ is also selected.

Place the second star on the left and align vertically.

Notice how the star repeats the other half on the other side. Additionally, look at the preview. In short, that is called a halfdrop repeat pattern.


Finally we have our square. And now let’s test our repeat.

Click the top layer that says Pattern. Additionally press ctrl+A to select all content. Next, go to Object-pattern make. As a result it will save to your pattern swatch in the fill and stroke panel.

Repeat the tile

Almost done!

Turn off visibility to the top ‘Pattern’ layer and lock it. Click the plus sign to add a new layer, select ‘Above current’. Make certain this layer is selected. 

 On the left menu select the square tool and draw a perfect 100x100px square and align it to the page. Open the fill and stroke menu. Click the pattern button and it will apply the last pattern.

Finally, select the square, press ctrl D to duplicate. With snapping tools enabled, just snap the square next to the first one. All done, yay!

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seamless repeat pattern Inkscape template | Easy tutorial
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