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SEO link building can be challenging especially if you are just starting out. First of all, lets talk about what SEO even has to do with link building. SEO or search engine optimization refers to actions taken to improve the ranking of a website in search engines such as Google. In the search page Google displays pages that are deemed relevant to the search query. This authority or relevance is measured by many things including the number of links from other authoritative pages. As a result, your web pages can rank better if they have links pointing to them.

How to get links

It is important to differentiate quality links from non-quality links in your SEO link building strategy. Some time ago people were getting high search ranking by using spam links to grow their websites and search engine ranking. This is no longer allowed or rather it is not rewarded by ranking positively. Google is constantly changing the SEO game to make sure only the best results are shown in any given search result. So let’s talk about quality links and where to get them.

Write great content.

They say content is king. It is so true! People link to great content. When this happens it sends a message to Google that says this page is interesting. For your SEO link building strategy write blog posts about what you know that people will find useful. If it is great content then naturally they will share it to their social channels. Google also will notice shared content on social media.


Friends with websites that have similar or complimentary businesses as you do. For example if the friend was a contractor or home builder then a complimentary business would be a landscaper or commercial painting business. Above all, make sure the articles are relevant.

Network or Business Group

Groups allow for links that will certainly help with SEO link building. The Chamber of Commerce is a good place to get a link with a profile about you on their website. Business groups usually have a website or place for you to add a profile including a link.


Business owners love to display testimonials on their website. If you use a product or received a service from a particular company, ask if you can leave a nice testimonial with a link back to your website.

In conclusion, remember that SEO link building is only one of many important parts of SEO. If you find you need help with your SEO strategy contact us.

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SEO Link Building | How to get Links
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