Web Design

Outdated Web Design

We solve many web design problems for our clients. If you can relate to these problems then we can certainly help. Websites built ten years ago can become outdated. Outdated websites are as a result in need of new technological advances. Customers view your website as part of your company brand. It is therefore important to stay current, fresh and modern by updating the look and feel of your website.



Customer Conversion

Web design should be built with modern marketing and sales techniques that generate leads and customer conversions. Furthermore a website must have a clear call to action. Call to action or CTA prompts a visitor to take an action. Above all, a call to action should match the company goals and be relevant to the customer.




Responsive Design

A web design must look good on a mobile device. First of all, more than 80% of people are using mobile devices to make web based decisions. Furthermore poor design leads to poor user experience. Finally, Google is ranking responsive designed websites higher in searches. Does your website look good on mobile devices? If not, consider a website redesign.



Faster Websites

Slow loading pages are a clear sign of a failing website. Not only are you driving customers away, but it is also bad for search engine optimization and ranking on searches. Fast websites are engaging, user friendly and create more leads. Talk to a website designer to find out about problems and solutions.



Website Control

Clients want user friendly websites. Websites are therefore designed with the user in mind. Website owners should have the ability to make edits/updates without having to rely on a web designer for expensive upkeep. We use CMS for all our websites.



Good Design is simple, but not easy

Matching a company brand to a web design is not easy. A web designer has experience matching colours, fonts, images, navigation, Call to action, and marketing to get potential client staying on your website and converting to customers.

In addition there is website security, updating and maintenance. If you are not familiar with these things you should probably consult with a professional before you build your own website.  Get in touch and see what a professional can do for you.


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