Skull graphic Inkscape tutorial sticker fun!

Skull graphic Inkscape tutorial

Today we will look at this skull graphic tutorial in Inkscape. Learn to make rather cool skull vectors for sticker designs and more. Alternatively follow the Illustrator tutorial instead.

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Skull graphic Inkscape tutorial: Basic shapes

First of all this entire  graphic is made of basic shapes! It’s certainly pretty amazing what you can make using native shapes to build a design. Let’s get started.

Select the circle tool and also drag out a large circle, then a smaller circle. Additionally we will need to duplicate the smaller circle. 

Space the small circles apart and also align them horizontally in the Align panel. Finally place the small circles on the larger circle as shown.

Skull graphic Inkscape tutorial: Teeth

For the teeth, select the squares and rectangle tool. Next, drag a rectangle on the canvas. Also we will need to round the corners. With the rectangle selected, also click on the nodes tool. Grab and pull the circle until the desired roundness is achieved. Finally place on the larger circle as shown.

Learn Inkscape 1.0

While there are some tutorials in this course, It is not the main objective. The lessons allow learners to understand the tools and why they are used.

Skull graphic Inkscape tutorial: Nose parts

Let’s build the nose. First of all the nose looks like a heart shape doesn’t it? Basically we are going to build an upside down heart. 

Select the square. Drag it out on the canvas and give it 50 x 50 px. Secondly drag out a circle pressing shift and ctrl to make the circle same width and height. Additionally give the circle the same size of 50px.

Next, place the circle on top of the square at the midpoint. Then go to path,union to make it one shape. Duplicate the new shape and also turn it on the side. To do this, double click on the duplicated shape to get the rotation handles. Turn while also pressing ctrl to make it rotate at specific angles. Attach the shapes at the bottom corners to make the heart shape. Furthermore rotate the heart while pressing ctrl and turn it upside down. (double click to get rotation handles)

Then finally click to get the scaling handles and squish it to make the nose narrow.

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Skull graphic Inkscape tutorial: Eyes

Finally we will create some menacing eyes to complete our skull graphic.

Select the circle tool. Drag out a perfect circle by pressing shift and ctrl. Additionally we need to finalize the circle by turning it into a path. Go to path, object to path.

Great! Now we have nodes that we can edit and manipulate. Select the circle and select the nodes tool. Select and move the top node down and change node handles. As a result it should look like the image. Duplicate the eye. Reflect the eye horizontally in the align tab.

Additionally move the eyes to the skull and colour them white. Also group the eyes together. Finally select the eyes groups and select the skull. Lastly align the objects vertically in the Align tab.

As a result we’re done! View other graphic design tutorials.

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Skull graphic Inkscape tutorial sticker fun!