Slow business periods | Prepare for later sales

Slow business periods can be very stressful, not knowing when the next money is coming in. Preparation is key. If you find yourself in between customers, use the time wisely. Every bit of preparation including content creation, training and networking brings you closer to getting customers. Before you know it, you will be booking customers two months in advance. Follow the tips below to prepare for slow business periods.

Slow business periods

Contact past clients during slow business periods

Send out an email or a quick call to past clients to see if they have a need for future design work. Chances are depending on season and individual needs they might need back to school graphics, sale flyers poster design or whatever. The point is, usually customers offer some CLV customer lifetime value. Essentially, you can get more money from one customer over time than you can by acquiring a new one.

If they are not in need of design service, just offer a friendly reminder that you are there when they need you and available for design work. Past clients are a formidable source of work for the long term.

Networking to gain business

This is challenging of course and it seems rather daunting to people new in the field. When you become a freelancer, you also must accept that you have to be a bit of a salesperson.

One way to find other businesses to do business with is to join the local Chamber of Commerce. Participate in networking events. Get to know people and what they do. Do not go there to specifically throw around your business card. Only give it if it is requested.

Content Creation to reach target audience

People are searching for solutions to their problems all the time. Create something relevant to your industry in the form of a free eBook. If you are a web designer you might create an eBook about a web design checklist. This might get a business part way into your door. Entice people with a free download in exchange for their email address. That way you have them in your sales funnel. When they are ready to buy, they will think of you.

Team up with other professionals to get business

Consider partnering with complimentary businesses. The idea here is to complement each other’s business rather than compete. Together it is a win-win scenario. For example, if you are a web designer, partner with both a logo designer and a photographer in your local area. When one gets business hopefully all three will get business. It works because people trust people they know when it comes to word of mouth referrals. It takes the guesswork away for the client as well which can sometimes be a relief.

Upgrade Skills

Take a class or learn a new technological program or skill. Also add this to your capable services. Confidently acquiring a new skill can build more confidence and expand your offerings. For example, Adobe comes with a complete suite of products. You could learn Photoshop, Animation, In Design. With new confidence and skill sets you will be empowered and inspired while generating ideas to help clientele with their needs as well as gain entry into another potential area of the market.

Follow these easy tips to grow your business over time. Slow business periods don't have to be stressful. It can be time consuming so you need to love what you do to stay in the game.


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Slow business periods and what to do
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