Increase Social Media Followers | How to get more 

Want to increase social media followers? Social media a large part of your marketing strategy. It is hard work for sure but worthwhile to make the extra effort. In addition to connecting with your audience, social media has real and relevant value towards how important Google views your website. Therefore it will not only help with connecting to your target market but improve your website’s ranking on Google searches. Want to increase social media followers? Here’s how: Follow appropriate accounts. Post and share excellent content. Be Social! Post regularly. Use hashtags.


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Follow real and appropriate accounts

To get people to follow you, you first must be a follower. Search and locate businesses that are relevant to your business. These accounts might be related to your business by city location, or similarity. Follow businesses in your local area. People trust and do business with businesses they know. Follow businesses that are similar to yours. For example, as a logo and web designer it would be common practice to follow the same accounts. These people will support you in exchange for supporting them. This is the first essential building block to creating a following.

Post and share excellent content

Great Social media followers will follow you if you have something great to share. Take the time to organize your post until it looks fantastic. Use websites like Canva to frame your ideas with images and text. Make sure your post is aesthetically pleasing. Followers will check out your profile when deciding whether to follow you. They will want to see if your account is worth following.

Be Social!

Seems obvious, right? When growing an account people tend to try to do this quickly. It is important to not only like a post, but to engage the account owner with a comment. Being actively engaged really is critical to building relationships on social media. Re-sharing, commenting and liking posts on other accounts allows others to see you are a real person and not someone or a bot trying to spam.

Post Opinions, Data, News

Posts that are proven to increase engagement tend to increase followers.

Opinions. Expressing a strong opinion on a particular subject that is a hot topic can gain followers. Data. People will engage a post that contains data that either agrees or conflicts with them. News. Post a story or image about pertinent news, or be the first to post new news. For example, in my local area a killer whale came into the harbor and put on a show for a good week before he left. There were sailboats, and kayakers in the harbor that were able to get up close. It was all over the local social media. I bet it was awesome to be the first poster of this story!

Post regularly and applicably

Post often, but not too often. Each social platform will explain how often you should post. Don’t post more than once per day. Your existing followers may become annoyed and unfollow you. Post often though or risk becoming forgotten.

Use Hashtags

Most social platforms are utilizing hashtags. For Twitter and Facebook, use two or three. Hashtags become less effective if you use more for some reason. For Instagram you can use up to thirty hashtags! Social media followers follow hashtags relevant to them. Make sure you are using the most appropriate hashtags for your particular post that will engage your audience.

Speaking, Networking, Interview Appearances

Speak at events or network events such as Chamber of Commerce held events or college events. Be interviewed by another person for video or podcast. These events and people are relevant to your business can get you in front of like-minded people who will follow you. Exchange business cards and inform people you are on social media.

In Conclusion

An increase in social media followers is what we all want. People tend to focus on growing their social media without thinking about the social aspect of social media. Spending at least fifteen minutes a day on social media can significantly grow your social channels over time. Remember that you don’t need all the social media, just the ones that work for you.


Social Media Followers Increase