Sun logo Inkscape tutorial

Sun logo Inkscape tutorial step by step design

Create a really cute sleeping sun on the waves logo. Follow along with this sun logo Inkscape tutorial step by step. Inkscape is free software. Download the program and follow along.

Follow the sun logo Illustrator tutorial  instead.



Sun logo Inkscape tutorial step by step design

Sun logo Inkscape tutorial: Using the pen tool

First of all the pen tool is one of the best tools in Inkscape. As a result learn to use the pen tool and you can draw anything! But there certainly are many pen tool tutorials out there. As a result Practice the pen tool.

We will consequently start by going to the pen tool. Click up and down on the canvas to create a rather jagged zig zag line. Press enter to complete the line.


Sun logo Inkscape tutorial: Nodes

Furthermore select the nodes tool in the left side tool box. Then also open the Align and Distribute panel. We’re certainly going to need it for what happens next! Additionally select the nodes of the zig zag and go to the Align tab. Finally align horizontally and distribute the nodes evenly as shown in the image.


Sun logo Inkscape tutorial: Align the waves

We have our first wave! Let's also give it a 15 px stroke in the stroke tab.





Secondly we will duplicate it two more by pressing ctrl D. Furthermore move the lines downwards so they have space between them. Finally select all three lines and distribute them vertically. Moreover find this button in the align tab under distribute. Also see the image for details.


Sun logo Inkscape tutorial: Make the sun

First let’s make a circle. Click the circle tool and then drag on the canvas while pressing shift & ctrl to create a perfect circle. Secondly we will give the sun some rays. Select the pen tool. Furthermore click on the canvas to make a straight line. Also hold Ctrl to make it straight click again and press enter. Finally align the circle and line horizontally and vertically in the Align and distribute tab.





Sun logo Inkscape tutorial: rotate & boolean operations

Now we will also rotate the line around the circle. To do that we will click the line twice to get rotation handles. Press ctrl D to duplicate the line. Finally drag the copy while pressing ctrl and then let go. Do this until you have rays around the circle.




Next select all the lines and go to path, stroke to path. Path, union. Our lines are now consequently one object. Additionally we need to duplicate the circle. Select the circle and also the lines and go to path, difference. Finally ungroup and delete the inner object pieces.




Finally, we need to cut the circle in half. Select the circle. Also go to path, stroke to path. Then select the rectangle tool. Drag a rectangle over the circle at the midpoint. Lastly select the rectangle and circle and go to path difference.




Great! Almost done. Draw some simple lines for the eyes. Select the sun objects and group them together. Place them on the edge of the waves we created. Select the waves and also go to path, stroke to path. Group all objects together.


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Sun logo Inkscape tutorial Create a super cute design!