Top 10 Inkscape Logo Design Tutorials 2018

Learn logo design with Inkscape logo design tutorials. Learning to use Inkscape has never been easier with step-by-step video tutorial instruction. I also learned from watching videos and therefore you can too. Maybe you are learning logo design to create a logo for your company or you probably want to become a graphic designer. Either way Inkscape is a free software program and also video tutorials are a fun way to learn. To find more logo design tutorials subscribe to my channel. Below I’ve listed 10 Inkscape logo design tutorials from my channel.

Inkscape Logo Design Tutorials


Retro Radio Logo Tutorial

Learn to create objects with basic shapes, also learn the stroke panel and text on a path. This is a fun retro logo tutorial suitable for beginner and also intermediate users.


Speedometer Graphic

Ok more of a graphic than a logo. But super fun and popular! Learn about strokes, and also how to add dimension with gradients.


Paw Print Logo

A really fun way to learn about the pattern along path function and also simple gradients. Perfect for a pet logo.

Letter D Logo

Here is a concept that can also be applied to many letters for a letter logo design. American flag colours and a star facing forward.


Negative Space Badge Logo

Work with simple shapes, vectorize png’s, and also create negative space in this simple but fun Inkscape logo tutorial.


Beer Logo Design

Create this Inkscape beer logo design. You will learn strokes, path functions, text along path and also create the hops with simple shapes.

Letter P logoDesign

Learn to use strokes and path functions and also create the letter p from scratch! A fun effective design suitable for beginner logo designers.


Laurel Leaf Award

A handy graphic to have, and now you know how to do it! Learn to create basic shapes and use pattern along path functions to create this stunning laurel leaf award graphic.

Paint Splatter Logo

Learn to create these fun blobs of splatter paint. Here we will learn to manipulate objects by  the node! Learn about nodes and also node related menu areas.


Delicious Donut

This donut seems like it might be good enough to eat! Create a donut with scrumptious sprinkles in this Inkscape tutorial. Learn path functions, node work and gradients as well as filter-texture.


Bonus (YaY!)

Free Client Logo Design presentation

In addition, think about how you will present your logo to a client. The pdf was made in Illustrator but if you drop it into Inkscape it should work too. Link is available in video description. Enjoy!




Top 10 Inkscape Logo Design Tutorials 2018
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